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Transcending Grief is a community hub and coahing platform designed to support the bereaved transcend their grief.

About Transcending Grief

The Transcending Grief Project is a community group designed to support the bereaved through their grief journey through coaching, spiritual means, education, and other resources. Our aim is to help those grieving the loss of loved ones move through grief and eventually beyond it through the support of a beautiful community of people.

“Grief shouldn’t just be about survival; it should be the opportunity to reassess your life and where you are at so that you can discern and determine what you want from your life in the wake of this significant change. Grief, when viewed constructively, can be a pivot that helps you do the reassessment and personal development work that could transform your life and help you transcend your grief. It can empower you to make new choices that enrich, enhance, and benefit your life.” Kat B, co-founder of Transcending Grief.

The Transcending Grief project is about giving you the opportunity to be among amazing like-minded people who have already made or are making that journey now. You will get the opportunity to be part of the conversation, lead or follow dialogue within the private Facebook group feed, and participate in workshops, talks, and demonstrations with Kat B and Paige Lee, the founders of Transcending Grief. Kat and Paige have 30 years plus combined experience within the field of grief and afterlife awareness, including many different healing modalities, their personal coping mechanisms, skills, and a broad array of knowledge to enrich the journey ahead for you. They will also expose you to connection techniques that enable you to consider new perspectives on life, including making real and concrete connections with your loved one(s) in spirit.

Paige Lee, co-founder of Transcending Grief, says, “We can’t promise you that there won’t be pain or suffering, but what we can assure you is that there are members of our community that have come out the other side of this journey to rediscover joy, deeper levels of love, compassion, and have fun again. We are here to share with you the art of what is possible. Grief doesn’t have to be a life sentence. We can still carry the love we have for our loved ones who are dear to us and empower ourselves to heal by identifying tools that work for us, which might be different to that of your neighbors.”

Kat and Paige emphasize that “Transcending grief may require an openness to connection with Source and the universal energy we call unconditional love, but it does NOT require you to change any of your religious or non-religious beliefs. The beauty of what we teach is that you are free to be yourself and who you want to be while utilizing the techniques we have found useful in transcending grief. Discovering our purpose after great loss gives us the courage to enter the world and be who we really are. It helps us connect with others on a deeper level, sharing our gifts with them in a mutually beneficial way.”

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of those who want grief support don’t get any


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At Transcending Grief, we are here to help ensure you have a community hub that can support you.

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Transcending Grief offers free community support, gatherings and paid workshops and courses. We try to balance paid and voluntary work so that you get access to many great resources and speakers. Free quarterly gatherings exist, designed to bring people together for free events.

  • Community Hub Chat/Share on facebook
  • Speaker Series Talks
  • Member Spotlight Talks
  • Golden Gathering Chats/Workshops
  • Mediumship Demonstrations
  • Meditations
  • Reiki Circle
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  • Grief Coaching Courses
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Library of talks and demonstrations available facebook & youtube

kat baillie

Co Founder - Transcending Grief

Kat is available for mediumship readings, spiritual grief coaching, clinical hypnotherapy sessions, healing and chats.

  • Clinilical Hynotherapy Sessions
  • PSTD
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Concentration issues
  • Relaxation
    Trigger points -Guilt/Shame/Blame/
  • Meditation training

Connection Coaching – Bundle of 5

Mediumship Readings

Reiki Healing

Sound Healing

Paige lee

Co Founder - Transcending Grief

Paige is available for:

  • Private Sessions – Finding purpose after grief
  • Holy Fire Reiki Sessions
  • Grief Recover Method Program
  • The Guided Way Grief Mentorship Program – Small Group Coaching and Healing Sessions
  • Reiki Certification Classes