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Who am I?

Now that’s a great question? It’s also one of the biggest and most asked spiritual questions in the world. Who am I?

When spirit and spiritual things entered into my life, after my awakening, I found myself pondering this question more and more. Who am I? Who am I really? and asking why is this happening to me?

I never thought to ask spirit directly. Then one day, I found myself laughing. Why am I wasting all this time deliberating and pondering this question, when I can just ask spirit directly myself?….I know, right!! But you must have done this too. Wasted all that time, instead of taking the necessary action. So I decided to ask. The response, simply fell into my mind and put a smile on my face. The response was short, sweet, simple but it also spoke volumes to me. That is the power of love. The power of source. Practical, simple, effective and not over complicated.

Why do we waste time hunting for 101 answers outside of ourselves, when the knowledge we are often seeking is available to us, by turning inwards? Why don’t we trust it and just lean right into it? We all have the ability to do it but often we don’t. I believe everyone has the capability of it. I’ve seen so many people say they are not connected but then I test them out and they are. Here’s just a few of my early insights…a few seeds to sew to get you started on what the journey can look like…!

“I am the creator and the created.” “I am love.”

Who am I

In my own words

I was born in the UK on the 22nd August at St Mary’s Hospital in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England to a Scottish mother and an English father..! A nightmare for sports fans. The rule became England for football, Scotland for Rugby, the perfect compromise.

My mother wanted my name to be Kathleen but my Grandma, her mother in law had an alternative name in mind and suggested an alternative option. My mum won and I was born and named Kathleen at 2 am in the morning, kicking and screaming.

Life began in silence. Born deaf in one ear, with no knowledge that there was anything wrong, I learnt from a young age to turn inwards and rely on my intuition and inner thoughts. Age 4, and hardly speaking, the issue now identified, I had corrective surgery and from that moment, I started to find my voice. My family would argue that I haven’t been quiet since! I guess when you find your voice, it becomes sacred to you…!

The B came into existence when I married my Scottish husband at St. Mary’s Church, Edinburgh in 2006. I laughed, he was indeed a Scottish Rugby fan. I became Kat B in 2016, when I became a medium, a symbol of rebirth..!

About (2)

First insights, thoughts and impressions

It’s fair to say that my journey into mediumship probably started before I ever consciously realised it. I had intuitive moments, but generally with regard to silly things. For instance, I might be adamant that the boy I fancied was going to show up in a particular location, at a particular time and nag my friends to go there. Much to my friends bemusement, telling me they thought otherwise, given the obscurity of the location, they would look at me puzzled when we would locate that individual, at the exact place, at the exact time, I had just indicated that we would. “How did you know he would be here?” I wouldn’t know and I couldn’t tell you. I just felt it or I knew it. It was one of many first insights.

I promise you I wasn’t a stalker. It happened maybe once or twice. I was 12 or 13 years of age at the time and very innocent and naive. This trait just appeared to be a little quirk I was developing. When I focused my attention, thoughts would just bubble up into my awareness and surface in my mind as knowing. If I followed that knowing, more often than not, it would check out evidentially. I just knew stuff and I thought that it was normal. So I thought nothing of it. That was life. I made the presumption, that everyone else, had similar experiences and thoughts.

In the 90’s my sister went unprompted to see a medium. This medium told her she sure had “a gobby little sister…!” Remember, I was finding my voice…! But the teenage me would laugh and say, “What did you pay for that for? I could have told you that for free!” but seemingly that was when my sister knew the medium was legitimate. It opened a doorway of curiosity for me. These days evidential mediumship has come a long way and thankfully so too has my communication style! Though it is true, I do like to talk.

Evidential or Coincidental?

My journey into mediumship wasn’t quite as straight forward as being influenced by other people’s experiences though. While I remained curious and open minded throughout my teens and twenties, as I entered the early millennium and I was turning 33, I had an equally healthy level of scepticism and a strong logical rational mind. When my grandfather died eleven years earlier, he was rumoured to have appeared to my grandmother the day of his funeral, to tell her not to worry, everything was going to be ok.

"What you are burying is the shell, the soul lives on."

I would question this but my sceptical mum who was also staying in the house at the time confirmed that she had heard talking in the neighbouring room, where only my grandmother was sleeping in the night and had experienced some things she couldn’t easily explain. But he hadn’t visited me or my sister, and so like that, the story became a bit of a family interest piece, with a beautiful healing sentiment attached and then the story faded away, into the background.

Fast forward another eleven years to 2006 and that’s when the coincidences would start to begin and my viewpoint would start to change. It started with just odd things happening, that would remind me of him. A book falling to the floor with his name on it, a wrong turning onto a street with his name, I looked up to see his name on the flats in front of me. I pulled over the car and something said look down at your feet and their was his nickname on the pavement tile. They were strange and silly things I could write off at first as coincidences, then latterly accumulating into visions and dreams that were less easy to ignore.

It was like watching a TV screen opening up in your mind and dreaming with your eyes open. Society seemed to suggest things like this, only happen to mad people and the officially insane but I was intelligent, holding down a responsible and fast paced career, evidently very sane. I didn’t want to be judged, so I didn’t share it, in case I was to be considered different or strange but something told me that this happened to many people, we just didn’t really talk about it. Whatever was happening, there was an intelligence to it.

In receipt of factual evidence:

Days later, with the frequency and urgency of the messages on the increase, I was now more than unsettled and I started to call into question my own health and well-being as I became more and more distracted and agitated by sounds and visions I couldn’t seem to turn off. It was very unnerving to me. With my 33rd birthday coming up, I made a call and decided enough was enough. I could either follow the line of inquiry to see what was revealed or go silently mad. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Worse case, we would discover nothing and then I would be deemed mad anyway. So I took a leap of faith and I set off, with my mind map in place, to travel to some familiar places and other places I had never been.

As I did, the messages that would envelop my mind and the feeling of madness that would accompany them would subside for a short period of time. Peace appeared to be the reward for following my intuition. I would feel tired, exhausted even, after the interludes. Sleep, which had eluded me when I was scared, now returned to normal, as I started to lose my fear of the unknown. I reframed my mind to consider that the messages were coming from a loving source. As I did this, I was able to let go of fear. Following the insights gave me an element of control back, that control comfort, and later, undeniable evidential information.

My grandfather’s spirit side told me, it was rather like picking apples, “Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb, to get the best fruit from the tree,” and funnily enough, apple trees became somewhat of a sign theme. He told me I was looking for black and white postcards, that it was hay bale season, and that I had to go back to the farm. He gave me the name Sutcliffe. I had no idea what it meant. A few days later, following more clues. I would obtain a postcard, I recall the hay bale scene and books containing photographs of my grandfather’s family, 3 generations back, on the farm they had once owned, taken by the photographer, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. They were accompanied by a postcard of kids, next to an apple tree. It really was harvest time for me.

Journey back to a new normality...

Eleven years on and with my grandfather quieting down in the background, I would go on to explore my newfound spiritual opportunity. It took courage and time and it would go on in the background of my professional life. Initially, I would research privately and intuitively and later I would seek out some of the leading mediums, meditators, hypnotherapists, and healers in the UK for mentoring, tutoring, and guidance. Being with like-minded inspirational people really did help, because normalising things, neutralised any remaining fear, and like that, I learned how to manage this new exciting part of self effectively. I learned to put my questions aside and simply enjoy this new vision for what it is, fun, uplifting, fascinating, and at times magical and transforming, but most importantly, totally normal.

I really do believe I am not different, special or gifted in any way, though I acknowledge that some people find it hard to explain and do express their awe in the spirit world and how they work, by describing it that way. I’ve worked hard at my craft, is what I prefer to think. I really believe that this is simply part of the human condition and part of the evolution of our race, though why it activates in some and not others, I really can’t say. It’s really just like learning to read and write, it develops and becomes more automatic with time and it’s not just in one of us, it’s in all of us. So if you have lost a loved one, don’t be surprised if you too, start noticing the signs and wanting to learn to connect up like me.

What I can also share is that having one of my besties, who also resides in spirit back in my life daily gives me a comfort that is hard to explain. It’s certainly made being a reluctant medium more fun. His advice to me was this, “Sometimes a little bit of crazy, can be a good thing. Remember how crazy I was but didn’t I have fun!” and he did. Ever since I followed his advice, I also find my life has become so much more interesting. Fascinating, in fact.

The Modern Medium:

Modern mediumship is really about embracing who we are and owning it. It’s a new attitude. An acceptance that as humans, we are so much more than just our physical bodies and that there is so much more to learn and know. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we are truly capable of as we seek to explore and understand the magic of the human mind, brain, world, and universe around us. It’s about considering the possibility that energy does not die but that it does evolve and transform and as it transforms, considering that perhaps the intelligence that remains, can find ways of communicating with us in various forms if we are open to being receptive to it.


If we consider this method of communication to be an art form, to be enjoyed and explored, it creates a space where we are free to explore endless opportunities and possibilities. It really is very interesting and something worth getting excited about. When you realise that the connection with loved ones who have died or transitioned from our physical world is not broken, it expands your mind and rocks your world! Mine, for one, will definitely never be the same again and I can report, that I am happier than I was before the discovery, so if you see happiness as a potential benefit, that has to be a good thing, right? The other benefit is that you also start to deepen the connection with yourself and your own soul. This understanding helps you enjoy a new level of awareness and comfort. You learn how to reserve and maintain your energy better and get intuitive support and guidance from your own sacred space. You might gain insights and sacred wisdom. Some of the students I have taught, experience the most incredible things. Many find that creative talents surface – amazing writers and artists are born. You gain a real consciousness shift and that shift can enhance creative talents. It’s a journey of self-discovery.


Consciousness and the awakening of your soul is the greatest adventure you will ever be blessed to experience and it’s available to us all. I can honestly tell you, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and when your soul is touched by that unconditional love of spirit, you will come to experience it and know that too.

Intensive Training:

I think it’s really important to point out that after an awakening, comes a level of calm and recovery time, in which you can take stock. I was exhausted. Spirit was kind to me, they left it up to me, as to whether I decided to expand my consciousness further, clearly knowing that my curiosity would get the better of me and do the work they needed it to do. What they had done was sew a seed of curiosity into my mind and that curiosity, now watered started to grow. What was that? How did that intelligence know that? Who am I? Why is this happening to me? These were just a few of the questions that came to mind, after the awakening. In the months that progressed after this, I started to read extensively trying to figure it out and understand more. I learned about angels, Spiritual archetypes like Yeshua Ben Joseph, living lamas, like the Dali Lama, and started to study Buddhist teachings – lucid dreaming, astral traveling, meditation, and mindfulness. I read about mediums, Doris Stokes, Helen Duncan, Estelle Roberts, and Gordon Higginson. I read about yogis like Sri Swami Rama and Yoganada and then I started to look at the scientists and doctors, Dr. Brian Weiss, and the writers and artists, who studied the mystical, like Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho. These were just a few of the people I read about in detail. My soul wanted connection. It wanted to know that this could happen to anyone and it went in search of those who had experienced similar experiences. What was the soul? What was the spirit? Could consciousness expand? Was there an afterlife or before life or eternal life? Though some accounts back then were not always easy to find, like they are now, (we are talking pre-internet here) I was lucky to uncover what I needed to know and understand. Enough to now realise that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought and that other people definitely had similar experiences, even if they weren’t always found in the mainstream.

So many people think that you are either born a medium or gifted with it but I can honestly tell you that neither of these situations apply to me. That’s why I know the same is true for you too.

My Mediumship:

My mediumship was born out of and took fruition, after an awakening of consciousness but was created and developed after a lot of hard work, intensive training, dedication, passion, commitment, and to a certain point, from the school of hard knocks. Yes, I did train with some of the leading teachers, some now sadly passed to spirit like Mavis Patilla and Glynn Edwards but I also trained with an extensive list of many of the top mediums and healers, that are still living too. I was also guided by teachers and Doctors that I could not see with the physical eyes. I studied hard and took qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Grief, Reiki (To master level), Aromatherapy, CBT Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Meditation practices, Sound healing, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travelling, Ecstatic Dance in addition to masterclasses in mediumship and courses at the renowned Arthur Finlay College, The Conan Doyle Centre and the Spiritual Associations of Great Britain when it was based at 33 Belgravia square, Conan Doyle’s house. I also took private courses, with industry leaders and I played around with psychic art. So what I can share is, mediumship is not born overnight. You can connect in many ways and it is an adventure. It’s hard work and a calling. It’s a life-changing and altering experience. It is there for each and every one of us to explore in different ways, for different reasons but it’s not for the light-hearted.

Mediumship also comes with a high level of responsibility and it requires an understanding of a code of ethics. I believe everyone can connect but I don’t believe that everyone is a medium. The intensity of this work, the heavy lifting of grief, the fine-tuning and management of self, mediumship is a discipline that requires multi-faceted skills, that are not to be undermined.

A soul was born to expand. We don’t all need to be mediums. We can use our connection skills in our everyday lives, to tune in and determine priorities, make better decisions, expel less energy, or connect with our loved ones in spirit, to continue that loving bond, that started when they were alive. Its main use is for healing. So if you want to learn, find a good teacher or join a course, you are also welcome at any of mine.

Shiva/Kundalini Rising:

In 2017, 11 years after opening my heart chakra, the spirit world brought my awareness to Kundalini Stage Two by opening up my throat chakra. I can’t say that I ever thought it was blocked, nor did I know that kundalini rising, would be a three-stage process. I wasn’t keen to experience another awakening of consciousness. To my knowledge, I didn’t have any major issues with my throat. I just presumed I couldn’t sing because I had been born tone-death and because my mum would tease me that my singing was quite a racket! You know the power of accepting someone else’s truth about you is very powerful and though my mum, was only having fun and meant it purely in jest, it kind of stuck. I couldn’t sing. Though I was surprised that I managed to get into the choir, I hid at the back, drowned out by better, more in-tune and stronger voices. My own voice was later purely for singing around the house or in my room and along with my favourite music so that it only affected my own ears.

I was at a charity event when I was called to action by a message from another medium instructing me to take that yoga trip to India. For five years I had been saying I didn’t have the time, but now I had the time – I was saying I didn’t have the money. The medium told me that I had to take the trip and that Spirit World would send me the money. I laughed and said, ok, if they send me the money, I will go, half laughing at the idea that £2K would just show up, unannounced and unexpectedly. The next day, a tax refund arrived for the exact amount needed. A miscalculation apparently! Well, what d’you know! What are the chances? I took that flight to Goa, not realising I would be there for Maha Shivaratri the festival of Shiva, the Deity of Kundalini Rising, and another wisdom teaching. The deity who resides over the throat and the voice, I would later discover. It’s the level of detail involved, that makes you realise how amazing Spirit truly is. I had no idea about any of this, until I was there, experiencing it and being guided.

Voice Training & Breathwork

Spirit is the breath and now in India, the spirit world introduced me to detoxification through diet, yoga, and breath work. I went into a deep cleanse. I had no idea, that breathwork, simply harnessing the breath could create such powerful energetic vibrations and change the way you vibrate and feel. Releasing tension, restoring health, and letting go of fear. Immediately after the breath work, a massage triggered the next stage of healing and transformation. My trance guides came into the therapy session and instructions were given to the therapist on what to do. Sounds, sacred sounds erupted from my body, weird noises, audible to the ear were heard, as my body went into free fall, releasing energy, fear and tension. Tension, I never knew existed but could clearly hear. When the experience peaked, I found my voice and frequencies erupted from my mouth, sounds, and vibrations. I asked the therapist if she could leave, so I could let spirit complete their work. A dance ensued and song, and on the eve of Maha Shivarati, I found my voice and discovered ecstatic dance, under the Banyan trees. It was amazing. A blessing for sure.

After the practical, intuitive came direction for further teachings in the physical. Over the next seven years, I had to study bits of both scientific and musical information, relating to sound and vibration. The experimental work with spirit, using sound, continued in private behind closed doors. I went from knowing little about music and vibration to learning quite a lot and I enjoyed the new explorations. The teachers of the spirit world got to work and started directing me about their studies. They would teach me about chanting, Tibetan overtones, the power of gong sessions, sound bowls, the power of OM and mantra, sound healing with vibrational frequencies and the human voice, and how to connect to source through the breath. I learned that sounds have a healing quality both on emotions and physical health and can shift and change your own frequency, vibration, emotions, and feelings, cleansing the chakras of stale energy. I started using it with the parents that I helped and I became amazed at the impact it had. It could soothe people, connect them, raise their vibrations, give them joy, and bring them into resonance with one another, providing them rest bite, and peace. It appeared to help improve my connection to the spirit world too. I started to wonder if the primordial source of the universe was sound, not just light. The masculine and the feminine. I started to use it as a form of devotional prayer, giving gratitude and time to Spirit.

With Spirit you have to feel your way.

Deeping the trance connection: Ecstatic Dance, Meditation & Lucid Dreaming

Once immersed in sound, spirit started encouraging me to dance.

I started enjoying ecstatic dance, as a way of liberating the body, allowing spirit to trance in, to move and shift my body in different ways. It was yet another form of connection. I started progressing with my meditation and started entering deeper states of trance. Every day, is a healing journey. So the question, who am I, seems simple. But who am I has levels. Who am I in the body? The mind? The Soul? The Spirit?

So I asked spirit, who am I really and they told me, “You are the creator and the created.” It was a pretty cool answer. My students come up with other more unique definitions, so I don’t lock it down. There are many answers. The important thing is that we are willing to start by asking the question! So who are you? Who are you at the deepest core of yourself? At your essence? Within your soul? Let self-discovery begin today.

Kat B - The Overview ....

A former Leader & Retail Executive in the UK Fashion Industry, Kat understands what it’s like to press the spiritual reset button and revise your life. She knows how to help you transform your grief and empower you to reach your highest potential.

With well over two decades of experience as a Spirit Medium, Channel, Teacher and Healer, Kat B offers a refreshing and yet grounded approach to spirituality. She is also well-versed in grief coaching and education. Clients have feedback that she has had a profound healing impact on their everyday lives, giving them comfort, joy and peace. Others state that she has brought them closure, helped empower them to change their lives, and transformed the way they look at life, transcending grief. Her mastery lies within her ability to melt away the divide between the material and metaphysical worlds by combining her knowledge, skills and abilities, with her creative, innovative, intuitive nature – reminding us that everyone is a soul, having a human incarnation that can adjust. Kat works from a place of loving intention and is renowned for her sense of humour and fun. She has a signature laugh. She is featured on leading spiritual and wellness podcasts for Seeking Center, Conscious Grief, Grief & Rebirth, Grief2Growth & Ask Julie. She is a resource provider and the former UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, featured in their YouTube series, and the co-founder of Transcending Grief, which is available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Voluntary Work:

In 2022, Kat teamed up with Grief coach and educator Paige Lee and founded Transcending Grief. Realising and appreciating there was a need for all members of the community to have access to healing tools. They created a Facebook community called Transcending Grief and began sharing, caring, listening and educating. Kat loves spending time with people and loves to bounce off their energy, ideas and thoughts, letting spirit play and do their healing work.

In 2022, Kat joined forces with Robyn and Karen at Seeking Center. Her name had appeared at the top of their researcher’s spiritual get-to-know list of new faces for 2021. They sent people to test her out and after a year of testing, the feedback convinced them to dive deeper. In 2022 they started recording podcasts together. You can check out three of Kat’s podcasts with Seeking Center on her media page.

In 2017, after becoming a certified and vetted resource provider Kat became the UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, an American-based non-profit organisation, supporting bereaved parents, providing her services on a voluntary basis. In 2021 she stepped down as the UK affiliate leader to focus on her own projects but she continues to support the nonprofit organisation by providing free demonstrations and talks online. Though no longer a member of their Facebook community, Kat continues her support them from a distance as a resource provider.