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My spiritual journey began in London UK, where I am now based as an International Evidential Medium, following a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening. At the time of my spiritual awakening, I was a retail executive and leader in UK Fashion Industry and though an avid soul seeker, I had little or no awareness of the spiritual world that was about to open up in front of. It was only when I started to get curious about what I had just witnessed and experienced that I would begin to educate myself in the metaphysical world, creating my own spiritual practice and techniques in order to gain a greater connection and understanding of it. Now 18 years on, my own soul searching complete, I use my skills to read for people, help them transcend their grief and to teach people how to connect directly, so that they can experience the joy for themselves.

Kat B‘s Monthly Affirmations

Transforming Feeling & Emotions to manifest what you want

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned, creating new behaviours and new responses. As the brain learns through repetition and practice, these neural pathways become created, reorganised and changed. By becoming consciously aware of the information we are placing into the mind, we can adapt our thoughts and directly influence our behaviours and feelings and eventually our habits.

Affirmations cards can be a great tool to help guide your mind to focus on the positive qualities and virtues that you wish to attain or embody. Through practice and repetition, the brain becomes aware of the new ideas and influences and starts to fine tune its focus. More of your thoughts and dreams start to take on the characteristics you desire.

Kat B channelled these beautiful affirmation cards from spirit to help you on that journey of transformation, as you transcend your grief through guided intention.

Affirmation of the Month...

I AM Compassion

Compassion is often seen in the eyes but felt in the heart. You have beautiful kind eyes and the ability to see and feel from the heart. Today you represent compassion.

To be compassionate is to hold space for oneself and others. This can be done through empathising through the eyes or reaching out from the heart. to be compassionate is to suffer together. When we experience compassion, We often feel a desire to alleviate someone else’s suffering and pain, by being present for them. When we are compassionate towards someone, we bring ourselves into resonance with them and act with loving kindness. the heart is the centre for compassion. let compassion flow from your heart this week. Today you represent compassion.

The effect of compassion on ourself, is liberation from one’s own pain and suffering. It is an elevated vibration through which we gain understanding, knowledge, experience, insight and wisdom.

When we act from a place of compassion, we come into harmony with others. We observe their perspective of things from a place of non judgement. We empathise with them and become a friend on their journey. by being non judgemental, we gift someone a safe space, one in which they can find peace and we enable them to just be.

To be compassionate we accept people for who they are and act with kindness. We operate from the heart extending love to the ourselves, the situation or the person that we wish to view more compassionately. we are forgiving of mistakes, happy for someone’s success, listen without judgement, apologise for mistakes, work with our truth, show respect and extend a hand of help or a listening ear. We act with permission from a place of gratitude, hope and love and we are patient.

As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Be compassionate to self and others. try not to put yourself or others down or be too hard on yourself. you are perfect and enough, just as you are.

Please share your inner beauty and your compassion with the community today.

You are loved. You are blessed. We are grateful for your gift of compassion.

Affirmation Cards...

Kat B - I AM Cards

You can click online monthly to see the free affirmation cards but to get all 40 of these beautiful, inspirational and uplifting mindfulness cards now, purchase here and download.

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Blind Tested Certified Evidential Spiritual Medium

Blind tested, with over 200 5 Star reviews, I know what it takes to deliver a good evidential reading. I have read for thousands of people from all walks of life and all levels of society, so I want you to know that you are in experienced and reliable hands. I work purely by word of mouth and recommendation. I am also a demonstrating platform medium, channeller and demonstrating trance medium who enjoys and reads regularly for groups of varying sizes.

I am also an authentic and credible medium. If for any reason, I am unable to connect and read for you within the first ten minutes of a reading, I will refund you or reschedule you, dependant on your preference.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy| Sound Healing |Grief Coaching | CBT Psychotherapy| Breathwork | Reiki | Past Life Regression

As an intuitive therapist, I try to combine my qualified skills and intuition to help guide you to the right solutions for you. I will also recommend or refer you on, if I feel your needs are outside of my qualified boundaries. I believe in putting you first and your healing. So, whether it’s Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Grief Coaching, CBT Psychotherapy, Connection Coaching, Breath work, Reiki or Past Life Regression or simply a cuppa and a chat, I will try to cater to your needs and interests.

My Clinical Hypnotherapy specialist areas are emotional Issues relating to grief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and Past Life Regression.

I can also cleanse your home with distance sound healing and reiki to create the right tone and energy to serve you.

Up & Coming Adventures...

New Year | SUMMERTime | No Kat Napping

Summer is full of exciting things.  From the joy of May Day Festivities, the June Healing Retreats and the August London Experience is packed to the brim.

In Kat’s Life this month, we have:

  • Private Readings
  • Summer Development Circle 
  • Living after Loss Summit
  • Live Transcending Group Demonstration
  • TG Soul Connections Circle
  • TG interview with Tara Nash, Conscious Grief
  • Creative time – Website Refresh & Book Writing
  • Rome, Italy 
  • TG interview with Stevie Calista

What others are saying

She gets the true essence of their personality
Kat B is amazing and one of the most gifted Mediums I know. She has such a sweet soul and always gives a lot of evidence and validations. She gets the true essence of my Son's personality. It is like having a conversation with my son again. Priceless. I recommend Kat B, very, very highly.
She is a life saver and she gave evidence he was alive
Kat saved our lives, it's as simple as that! We contacted her in the hope that she could give us a sign that our son, Zach was ok and she did so much more than that. She proved to us that he is alive and well by giving the most amazing reading. A reading from a great medium is life changing and reading from a poor medium can be devastating.
She is the greatest source of comfort, compassion and hope
Kat has been the greatest source of comfort, compassion and hope through the good times and bad since I first met her in 2018. She cares about people so, so much and generously uses her amazing gifts to help everyone around her heal. I consider her a friend for life and wholeheartedly trust her with my nearest and dearest, who I've sent her way time and time again.