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With over 100 5 Star Reviews Medium Kat B is a certified medium, therapist, healer and writer who has worked with celebrities and members of the public alike helping them heal and connect spiritually to loved ones across the veil.
Formerly the UK affiliate Leader for Helping Parents Heal, a non profit organisation supporting bereaved parents, Kat has an extensive knowledge on healing post loss and first hand knowledge gained by managing support groups and interviewing grief experts online, which provides another level of comfort.

What our customers are saying

Kat B is amazing and one of the most gifted Mediums I know.  She has such a sweet soul and always gives a lot of evidence and validations.  She gets the true essence of my Son's personality.  It is like having a conversation with my son again. Priceless.  I recommend Kat B, very, very highly.  


Over 100 5 Star Reviews

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L S Arizona, USA

"I have to say my reading with Kat B was one of the BEST readings I have ever had.  Kat was so loving and made me feel so comfortable, like we were having a three way conversation between herself, my son and myself.  She is INCREDIBLE.  She gave me a lot of answers to unanswered whys?  She is the REAL DEAL and will heal A LOT of people.  Thank you Kat for being You and sharing you with​ me and healing others."

M S Chicago

"Thank you for everything - I have been expressing my appreciation and happiness with our experience to anyone that will listen.  I feel connected to my family in a way I didn't think was possible.  Such a gift.  Thank you again for your time."

F T Felixstowe UK

"I met Kat after losing 3 children, my twin girls Sheila and Barbara and my son Mark.  For two hours I had a one to one session and the way in which the truth came from Kat was remarkable.  I always rate readings on a scale of 1-10 but I scored Kat 11.  I shed a tear or two but was so happy and I am proud to say that Kat and I have become good friends.  My reading with Kat made me profoundly happy."

LH Arizona USA

"I recently had the privilege to have a reading with Kat B.  I have had several since my son's passing but the one I received from Kat was certainly among the best.  She was sensitive, compassionate, accurate, fun and had a great energy about her.  she accurately described my son's personality, along with mine and my daughter's and I had no doubt that it was indeed my son that Kat was talking to.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a medium.

S G London UK

Amazing Reading with Kat
Deffo recommend her
Thank you x

A F Dubai

Thank you so much for the reading.  You are amazing and really understood my problems.  I will defo be rebooking with you xxx

E B Arizona USA

I was told by my two good friends, that the reading they had with Kat was among the best.  I was fortunate to have a reading with her too and I was impressed with her accuracy, with her compassion and her dedication to support those who have lost children."

J C New York USA

This was my first experience with a medium.  It was an absolutely beautiful experience.  She knew things that only I and my loved one knew.  It was very comforting through my grieving process.  Thank you Kat for such an amazing experience.



Meditation, mindfulness, breath work & healing also available


5 Star Reviews