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A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities + Soul Planning - Episode 33

We are beyond honored and excited to introduce you to Kat B. She is best known as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Guide, however she has much more to offer. It actually made us almost fall over when we realized how much she can help heal and transform your life.

Transcending Grief: Letting Go of the Pain + Finding Joy Again - Episode 87

If you’ve lost someone close to you, whether that person is a child, a parent, a spouse, a sibling or a great friend, the pain you feel can be so overwhelming, you may feel you’ll never heal or find happiness again.

Lucid Dreaming: How to Use Sleep as a Spiritual Tool - Episode 95

Welcome back our dear friend, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive, Healing Practitioner and teacher Kat B. Kat’s focus is to help guide you closer to healing, personal growth, transformation and progression.

Kat Baillie Joins Paul Bannister on Spiritual Talk TV

Kat Baillie – Medium and co-founder of Transcending Grief, joins Paul on the show.

Kat talks about the transformative power of mediumship in grief and healing. Kat share her invaluable knowledge on intuition development and how it can help each and every one of us.

Not your typical Spirit Medium with Kat B - Episode 38

I am so excited for this episode. Grab a coffee, open your heart and mind as Kat shares her work as an evidential medium. How she began and how she helps people heal. Kat is one of the best medium’s I know. She is booked out for 12 months so there is your proof!

Video Podcasts

Conscious Grief Series 3

How to navigate grief to find joy, connection and happiness again. Tara Nash from Conscious Grief interviews International Evidential Medium Kat B

Ask Julie Ryan

Get ready for an enlightening conversation with Kat Baillie, a gifted psychic medium from the UK, who has made it her mission to assist those dealing with the pain of loss. Listen in as Kat candidly shares her journey to becoming a medium and how a traumatic diving accident led to the discovery of her abilities.

Grief & Rebirth with Irene Weinberg

Paige Lee and Kat Baillie are the enlightened co-founders of the healing, soul-expanding Retreats and Workshops known as Transcending Grief. They have joined forces to help the grieving find their pathway out of the darkness of grief into the light, by combining their 30 years of collective experience in the world of spirit connection, grief education, and healing.

Grief 2 Growth Podcast Kat Baillie Discusses Mediumship Ep 34

Kat and I are friends going back a couple of years. We each have a daughter in spirit. Kat is the affiliate leader of the UK Helping Parents Heal group. Kat had a successful business career before having a Kundalini awakening experience and becoming a professional medium. In addition to mediumship, Kat practices multiple healing modalities.

Kat Baillie- The Role of Non-Religious Prayer

Kat Baillie is an International Evidential Psychic Medium | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Sound Healer | Reiki Master | CBT Psychotherapist. Kat experienced a Kundalini awakening after a diving accident. This awakening opened up several abilities. She has left her highly successful corporate career and now focuses on helping others through several healing modalities, including evidential mediumship.


Helping Parents Heal August 2022

Kat B is a certified & vetted, blind tested evidential medium International Medium from the UK.  She is an approved provider for Helping Parents Heal, a non profit organisation for the bereaved.

Do We Plan Our Journey Before The Story Begins? A Conversation with Cindy Bohart & Suzanne Giesemann

Losing a child is a parent’s greatest fear. Is it possible to survive such loss? Cindy Bohart has not only survived, she has thrived, and she’s written a book about her experiences after her son Josh was killed in an accident. 

The Transformative Power of Mediumship in Grief and Healing with Kat Baillie

Kat Baillie shares her journey into mediumship, starting with a near-death experience and a diving accident. She describes her awakening to the spirit world and the development of her mediumship abilities. Kat also discusses the importance of mediumship in the grieving and healing process, as well as the broader benefits of developing intuition and connecting with spirit.



Hear how Kat B gave her confirmations and validations through gestures, words and feelings, that could not be denied. 

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