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"I feel that Kat B had Ciannon immediately from the start. When she said "I feel dolphins," I could feel my skin chilled. My 14 year old told me when we were young and in our pool, "Mommy, didn't you know I was an old dolphin, and you were a young dolphin caught in a net and I freed you." So, we had a dolphin connection in a past life and on this Earth. And she did start a recycling program when she was 10 years old and all the money went to the Coral Reef Alliance. Here are a few pictures of my ocean loving child in the life vests that Kat saw, on boats with dolphins, grey whales and a diver at age 11. I have chats with Ciannon in my morning swims with the dolphins. Thank you Kat - your talents are so beautiful."

Much love, Ciannon's forever mom, Kim x
Kim Basher
From her daugther Ciannon
Kat Baillie called on me direct during the Gallery reading on 8-29-23. I had had a couple of extra difficult days prior and attended as a distraction for my spinning head, hoping to at least hear others get some encouragement. I was so low on hope at the moment, I did not consider I might get a reading for myself.

She quickly gave information that was validating about my granddaughters passing as quick, traumatic, tragic, and an absolute heartache. She mentioned my son and granddaughter giving me flowers and detailed extensively that they were handpicked rather than bought. This detail was validating as my son never bought me flowers but would always pick natural ones instead. It is one of the sweet, sweet memories I have of how he loved me.

In the 4th month after his death, I was walking on our property, listening to an audible book and the character in the book said, “What are you going to focus on? Clover fields or death?” At that EXACT moment, I turned the corner and saw this amazing clover field in full bloom. It was on my son’s property and I had totally forgotten that he had planted that field, for the deer and bees, the year before he passed. It was stunning. I just sobbed. It was the first time I saw beauty or colour in my after. I went back to my house and got his yoga mat and my camera and returned to spend a couple hours on his mat, focusing on his clover field, not death.

Kat said he showed himself to her walking on a beach and told me to walk in nature and process my emotions and to be gentle with myself. I have had a beach trip scheduled to start next week. He knows.

He then told her about “Investigation paperwork” that I was upset about. He told he to tell me to “calm down and be patient with the paperwork”. This was exactly what I had been struggling with the last two days that had my head in such a spin. This validation was so comforting to me to feel that the is still around me. She then specified “blood tests” and that was a specific part of the paperwork I had been dealing with. Very on target.

He was leaving her in mystery on the gallery reading a bit and she did not quite understand why. He pleaded with Kat to finish with me privately due to sensitive information that is not large group appropriate. She did meet with me two days later, adding many more specific validations. A few including my granddaughters’ personality, her stuffed animal, her hair style, her toy shelf, her boxed book set, and how very brave and capable she was -even as a toddler. She assured me they are together and well. I needed that hope and comfort.

My son also showed her a project (Mixtiles) that I had completed that week in our home that included his photos. He said, “Kat, she can see me everywhere she looks and I want you to let her know that I can see her as well. I’m fine, mom, everything is fine.” He pleaded with Kat to “help give my mom some peace. I just want her to be OK and well.” He ended by mentioning my hummingbirds and said, “The nectar is sweet here. We are OK”.
Gayla Claborn
From granddaughter Sadie Dawn and son Sawyer Claborn
Manuel and Bel

"I was fortunate enough to have my son, Manuel, come through at the gallery reading with Kat Baillie. Everything she said was exactly right. I had no doubt that my beautiful son was talking to me. He loved hugs and he and I were very close. He truly was my gift from God. I know exactly what he was talking about getting straightened out and his brother is doing it for me already. I miss him and our talks but I know we will be together again for eternity."

Thank you for this opportunity, Sally Ochoa
Sally Ochoa
From her son, Manuel Ochoa
"I am AMAZED at the wonderful reading I had from Kat Baillie on August 29th from my son. She really was spot on about so many details. There is no doubt she was speaking for my Luke!

Kat kept seeing someone playing violin. Luke was referring to his sister Kate. Kate is very musically inclined. And as Kat said - she can pick up almost any instrument and play. Kate plays viola, is slightly larger than a violin but looks the same. But the viola has been in our house for years even though she has married and moved out. When we would attend Kate's concerts and Luke was quite young he really loved to pretend he was playing, or sometimes would be the "conductor" leading the orchestra.

Luke was correct - when referring to Kate as the "Goody Two Shoes" of the family lol! She has had many positive changes happening to her lately. It is incredible that he sees that.

Kat had mentioned a small, furry animal rubbing up against her legs. That is my new little dog Louie. I certainly do have "empty nest syndrome" Louie is dog number 3 added to our rescue bunch. Although we still have Luke's sister Olivia here at home, I have really been missing the time when I had all 3 kids under my roof. It was a crazy boisterous time, and it is very quiet in the house now. Kat said that I hate the silent house, and I really do.

Luke mentioned my thoughts of downsizing, and this is very true! I guess Luke is telling me to "go for it" and make that happen.

Kat described Luke polishing, or carving a stone or crystal. He said I need to work on "grounding" myself. Again - this is an incredible detail! I have been working very hard on my spiritual journey. I am learning all about crystals and the energy and healing properties they have. I did go into Luke's room and found a bit of a red carnelian stone that fit into the locket I was wearing. Kat said I need to ground myself and the red stone is a grounding stone! Luke said I need to start weight training - another amazing message! When my children were small, I was very much into strength training. The past several years I have been so focused on work that I stopped working out. The past few weeks I have been thinking about how much I miss working out. Especially weight training - the endorphin boost used to keep me "sane". WOW! Just WOW! He really is right here with me!

Kat said Luke was trying to take off her shirt when describing his muscle man picture! I am laughing about it right now!

My daughter Kate and I feel as though we had a visit from Luke last night. I can't tell you how much this has aided our healing and it gives us so much hope! Thank you Kat and Elizabeth and EVERYONE involved in Helping Parents Heal!
Heather Spilotro
From her son Luke Spilotro
Alice at 7, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

I was completely delighted to receive a quick message from my daughter Alice through Kat Baillie!

She referenced Lewis Carroll's book Alice In Wonderland and specifically noted an older, 1940/1950 edition with original illustrations and a hand-written inscription that would have much meaning. Moreover that I would have some slight difficulty finding the book. Straight away I thought of the Alice in Wonderland book that a friend had given to Alice on her 7th birthday.

I found it fairly easily but there was no inscription and the illustrations are by a contemporary artist. Hmmmm. Well, it took a couple of days--but I found the book! I had forgotten that my parents had given Alice the 1946 edition of Alice in Wonderland when she had just turned four years old and I certainly went down the rabbit hole searching for it!

Additionally, Alice said she is having a "magical time" and told me not to "overthink things" too much (LOL!). Also that she is always watching me...as if through a looking glass. Here is a photo of Alice back in August 2008 at the time her grandparents gifted her the lovely, classic edition of Alice in Wonderland. Thank you Kat!
Jane Butterworth
From her daughter Alice Butterworth
"I'm so grateful with the reading from Kat Baillie my little angel Isabella (Bella) reached out to Kat and what Bella told her touch my heart so much no words can say, when she started talking about the special daddy daughter trips and that Bella wanted me and her sister to remember those good times especially the car rides going on the trips with all the laughter and special moments we had together. People always called us the Three Amigos ❤️

Also would like to thank Kat, Elizabeth and Helping Parents Heal for these wonderful opportunities to reach out to our Angels ❤️"
Shane Rex
From his daughter Bella Rex

Helping Parents Heal August 2022

Kat B is a certified & vetted, blind tested evidential medium International Medium from the UK. She is an approved provider for Helping Parents Heal, a non profit organisation for the bereaved.

"Hi Kat, I really appreciated the time and our connection in our mediumship session. My Son transitioned May, 2022, coming up on 2 years ago. I was fortunate to find a wonderful grief counsellor within the first few months - and I think that really saved me. But, I had a lot of denial over that first year.

I straddled the afterlife belief and disbelief for quite a time — reading many books , I was introduced to helping parents heal, Paige and her book, “Choose to believe”, Transcending Grief facebook group, & my local Grief Club online via facebook.

I have had 4 mediumship readings, with fabulous and trusted mediums - but only one made me feel a true connection - until my reading with you last week.

I just want you to know - that while I may have seemed somewhat stoic at the time of the reading - as I was trying to provide just yes and no answers — almost everything said did touch my heart deeply. Your freedom to express what my son was telling you with out sensor was so appreciated — yes, his words weren’t always flowery. His expressions and hand gestures could be seen through you. His messages were clear and left me little doubt that he was communicating through you.

I feel so much closer to him and open to his messages to me.

I just want you to know how meaningful it was - and that I will take action!

Sherry, USA
Hi Kat,

As a seasoned spiritual practitioner myself, I have to say, you have a special gift of connecting across the veil. you certainly wasted no time and were so accurate in describing and seeing my son; the session raised my heart above the grief and into feeling the infinite love for my dear son. I will strongly recommend your lovely blessed gifts to anyone wanting to connect with loved ones.
"I am so pleased my cousin sent me Liz Jensen’s book because otherwise I may not have found you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

God bless you.
Pauline and Lisa, UK
Dear Kat,

I wanted to thank you so much for my lesson yesterday. You have filled me with confidence and excitement about my journey ahead. I learnt more from you in one hour than 8 months on a years course elsewhere.
Oh, my dear, dear Kat … THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for the WONDERFUL reading I had with you in Jan, WOW! Oh, WOW! Oh, WOW! My time with you most definitely EXCEEDED my expectations! And, what an awesome gift it was to be in the presence of my beloved father and have him communicate with me (he has been “across the veil” for over 5 years now)! Still makes my heart soar! I am awestruck by the clarity and accuracy with which you are able to “connect”! Please know that I am grateful to you beyond my ability to express in words! What an awesomely brilliant and beautiful Soul you are! THANK YOU for sharing the Love that you ARE!
"A few days ago I had a reading with Kat. I still get goosebumps when I think about everything she saw and said. With a lot of professionalism and warmth she was able to give me back a piece of the hope that I had lost. Thank you Kat! I will never forget you or the reading.

God bless you.
Amanda.R, Germany

“In my recent reading with Kat, she connected with my son immediately. She was spot on with his personality and his adventures in life and that they now continue on the other side. It was such an incredible reading that I still have to allow it all to sink in!

Thank you, Kat for the comfort and healing you bring to me and so many others. I am so grateful to you for the gift you afforded me. You are truly a special person!”
Kat, so much of what you shared in my last reading has begun to sync in and it is truly amazing! I just wanted to tell you how incredible you are!!

Thank you for all that you do for so many! You are such a special soul!!
Dear Kat,

I just wanted to tell you that I have now attended a few gallery reads, in-person readings, and these healing sessions, and I just honestly think there's no one quite like you. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to learn about the Spirit world with you and laugh with you. Thank so much.