Kat B Terms & Conditions

The UK Law:

The law in the UK states that every reading of psychic mediumship is purely for entertainment purposes and that there can be no guarantee of accuracy. It is my legal requirement to make you aware of this. By paying the invoice you are confirming that you have read, received and agreed with both the UK legislation and my terms and conditions.

You should also be made aware that I, the reader cannot accept responsibility as to the accuracy or content, given, expressed or implied as to the suitability of the content for any purpose. The reader (i.e. Psychic medium) will not be liable, or accept liability, for any loss or damage of whatever nature that may result from content given in any reading or from any information supplied.

Kat B believes in empowering people to make their own life choices and decisions and therefore any decisions you make as a result of a reading are 100% your life choices and decisions and yours alone. Through my work I can only offer guidance and I therefore cannot be held responsible for any life choices or decisions that you make as a result of a reading. You have full responsibility for your actions and these cannot be deferred to a reading.

Personal Statement/Kat B Terms & Conditions:

I also like to inform my clients that my readings are purely information, even though often they can feel like and can offer so much more. I try to channel as purely and accurately as possible the information provided to me, but I like to highlight that as a medium, I am as open as anyone to making human errors and could on occasion misinterpret information being channelled through to me. Therefore, it is important that you understand that all information provided is purely information and not advice. I am also at the mercy of the spirit world and I can only reveal information that they provide me with. This is a team effort and I am only 50% of the channel, though I will pledge to do the best I can for you, in each connection that I make.

The aim of a reading is to try and provide you with enough evidential information that you can verify, so that you can feel comfortable with the information being provided to you. The spirit world will look to heal, offer closure, provide reassurance, inspiration and love to support you. I consider this work an art form and as such, there is an element of creativity that enters into it, formed from my own personality, as the information is filtered through me and I therefore accept, that as a result of this, information can be affected when filtered through the mind of another. By paying your invoice, you are confirming that you understand and accept this and that the reader (i.e. the psychic medium) is not held responsible in anyway for any errors that might occur as part of this creative process or any information that is incomplete.

Please note, I cannot advise you on future events or make predictions, I can purely provide and offer information, as channelled through me, as to what options could be available to you, should you wish to explore them, when this information is provided to me. My aim is for you to operate at your highest potential and provide you with information that will enhance that opportunity. However, any action taken by a client in reaction to the information provided is 100% the client’s responsibility.

Additional Information:

How a sitter (i.e. the person having the reading) interprets this information is also at their discretion. My assurance is that I will aim to manage any information as sensitively as possible and take your direction on whether to proceed with a line of inquiry or to stop and review something else. The service offer is really aimed at providing you with contact with loved ones in spirit, as evidence of life after life or insight into your life, that will enable you to make the best decisions for you, heal, comfort, or provide you with the closure that you need, where feasible. It does not in any way constitute legal, financial or professional advice.

Please note that the reader (i.e. psychic medium) is not a medical practitioner and therefore cannot advise you on medical issues or diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to death or pregnancy. Though they may pick up on existing medical issues and highlight celebrations linked to the birth of a new child, they will not offer advice, or diagnose gender, they can only inform you to seek proper medical advice from a qualified practitioner if anything to do with health is filtered through or you make inquiries with regard to this.

By paying your invoice, you are acknowledging the receipt of this form and you are accepting and agreeing with the terms and conditions supplied and my explanation of my own mediumship, so it is clear that I have been open and honest with you. You are also confirming that the information that the UK law requires was provided to you.

Please note we will not be liable either for the death or personal injury resulting from the negligence on our behalf or from fraudulent misrepresentation.

Please note that any reading is a three-way connection between you, myself and the spirit world, and therefore the way that you act and receive information, can influence a sitting. My recommendation is that you remain positive, open and relaxed so that you provide yourself with the best option of a good reading.

While I have read for thousands of clients and have over 200, 5-star reviews, with extremely positive feedback from sitters, every reading is individual and I would prefer to inform you of the above up front, so there are no surprises or expectations, that I cannot therefore guarantee that this service will meet your requirements. I purely go forward with an open, honest heart and good intentions and the hope that you genuinely enjoy your experience with me at the designated date and time.

As a mark of authenticity, if after 10 mins you, the sitter or I, the reader feel that the reading is not going well and the conditions and energy is not merging effectively to provide you with an evidential reading, either of us can stop the reading and obtain a full refund, less the administration and PayPal fees, which are not refunded. However, once a reading goes over 10 mins, the reading is charged in full.

Cancellations/Rescheduling due to diary changes:

Payment is required a week in advance of a reading to secure your booking. If you are unable to maintain an appointment, please advise at the earliest opportunity, so that the reading can be rescheduled to another date. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 72 hours (3 days) before the agreed appointment date. After this timeframe, the reading can either be gifted to someone else for the agreed time or the booking will be lost. Refunds cannot be given on appointments cancelled under 72 hours before the confirmed invoice time.

Failure to attend meetings at the allotted time:

We cannot refund missed appointments, so please ensure that you put your meeting in your diary and set reminders. It is your responsibility after a booking is made to attend the booking at the scheduled time. Missed appointments will not be rescheduled but can be rebooked. Zoom connection details and times can be found in the note section of your invoice. We are not responsible for sending appointment reminders.

All private readings are video calls on Zoom.us. You can download Zoom.us free of charge by going to the Zoom.us website and listing yourself as a Zoom basic account user. Then just copy and paste the link in the booking invoice note section into your search engine where you would normally put www.kat-b.com at the given time.

Readings times vary. You can book in for a 1 hour reading or combine it within a 1 hour session or two hour mediumship session, splitting the reading 50% Soul Reading/50% Mediumship Reading.

Data Protection:

Please note that your data will not be shared with any third party, without your permission. A full account of Kat B’s privacy policy can be found here on her website www.kat-b.com. We will also add you to Kat’s newsletter. If you don’t wish to receive these, please opt out on receipt of the first newsletter by unsubscribing.

About Kat B:

Kat B is an International Psychic Medium and was trained by some of the leading celebrity mediums in the UK & Europe. Certified by Mark Ireland she has been blind tested in 6 1-hour readings to ensure her that her standard is high and of a quality to work/support parents who have lost children.

Kat is also the former UK affiliate leader of helping parents heal in the UK and the Co Founder of Transcending Grief, a facebook community hub that supports the bereaved. She offers both voluntary and paid work on both the sites.

Kat B can be booked for public demonstrations of mediumship, trance, personal one to one bookings or group bookings.

For Testimonials, Reviews & Recommendations:

Testimonials, 5* star reviews & recommendations can be found on:

Facebook page – Medium Kat B www.facebook.com/mediumkatb/reviews in addition to her website www.kat-b.com