Let's talk spirituality

I believe in surrendering to the higher power.  I think to be your authentic self, you don't have to push against the tide, you have to dream and sew the seeds of the those dreams into the sands of your mind.  Life waters them.  Spirit nurture them and then the divine harvests the fruit that grows because of them.  It's a team effort.  Everything is connected.  Everything flows.  We don't need to climb mountains, the magical moments arise, when we pause and allow ourselves to be guided by that power.   

If spirit wants you to see an amazing view, it will carry you there, quite literally.  That's the magic of working with your spirit and that of the spirit worlds, as spirit touches your soul, your soul changes and you begin to evolve, to sense and perceive things very differently.  If something needs to be done, it will be done.  If something needs to rest, it will rest.  When we are born we are programmed with that intuition but somehow in our busy lives, we have forgotten that gift.  That gift is in each and everyone of us and you can find it again.  We just need to awaken to it and awakening is not an act, it is not a doing, it's a surrendering to who and what you really are.  It's a letting go. 

"‚ÄčI fought against the tide of spirit for sometime before I finally surrendered.   

Surrendering is a gradual process and it's not always easy, nor does it happen over night.  It is a gradual process.  Spirit is evolving inside of us, inside our mind and gradually adjusting our light to its level of vibration.  That's the spiritual journey, the quest if you like, it unfolds, like the petals of a rose.

I've always loved roses.  When they bloom, they share their beauty with everyone around."

Medium Kat B


Everyone can connect but not everyone is a medium.  A medium, is a course in miracles.  It's a purification process.  Connection is our divine right.  It's our connection with the greater power, sacred wisdom and the divine.  I call it unconditional love and non judgement.  Love is the psychedelic of my world, the elixir of life, the philosophers stone.

I am yet to meet someone who is unconnected.  Consciously unaware of it, maybe but connected never the less.  Often they are simply not aware of what connection is.  They have forgotten or doing it unconsciously, unaware of what it is.  I am not being arrogant when I say that, it's the truth.  Love never leaves us, no matter who we are or what we do.  It's born with us in the breath, travels with us and exits the body with us, when we are ready to go.  We are never alone.  That is what it is to be loved, unconditionally.

What we are doing when we are learning to connect, is remember who we really are?  Who we really are at the most profound and deepest level.  We are becoming consciously aware of our true reality and destiny, illuminated with light.  The light is travelling through us all the time.  When we nurture it, feed it, water it and rest it, it grows.  That takes patience and time but please don't loose heart, if you are trying to remember and your mind is a bit foggy, there are many different techniques for connection, you just have to find the one that is right for you and when you do, you can focus on it, until other opportunities unfold.  I don't think the process of connection ever stops evolving, until we finally become adjusted fully to the light but everyone will reach the light.  It's not a race, it's our destination. 

I agree, it's vibration is so high, but one day it will illuminate all of us.  It won't stop shimmering and shining until we all do.  So if we realise that, we can take the pressure off ourselves and just trust, time is irrelevant, there is divine timing in the universe and it will happen at just the right time for us.

As for my thoughts on mediumship.  Many people tell me they are mediums.  They do two or three spiritual courses, including my own and they put up media pages, stating that they are mediums or spiritual healers and teachers.  They are attached to the label, the title, not the role but that role comes with a great deal of responsibility.  You are working with vulnerable people and the psyche of someones soul and your focus has to be in attendance.  True healing has to be at the core of your soul.  It's going to be hard work, if you don't surrender to that.  You have to be prepared to constantly evolve and shift awareness and gear, at the drop of the hat.  Loose attachment.   I know I am still evolving but why not give it a go and see what you think and decide for yourself.  You might like it.  You might just find, life suddenly becomes easier, you feel freer, happier that you have felt in a long, long time..

Some people want to rush through it but they miss the point.  Being a medium is a way of life, an evolution and deep cleansing of your soul that adjusts you to the vibration of the divine.   It's not a facebook page with a name on it.  You have to surrender your ego, allow your spirituality to unfold, to stay true to the light inside of you and to resonate and surround yourself with the right kind of vibrations and people.  It is an evolvement of your soul, its a way of life, a commitment, a discipline and a practice.  When done with honour, it's an opportunity to rise up through your body to unlock different levels of consciousness and conscious awareness that can be transformative.  That process never happens overnight and if you believe in past lives, rarely within one lifetime.  I have a feeling I will be journeying until the end of time.  Every time I think I have gained more insight, they turn up the light and I see more!!  So a mediums job is really to keep polishing that mirror.  We are the water of life, we have to allow the divine's light to shine brightly and to do that, we have to still and train the waters of the mind, so that we can see what is underneath the surface.