My Story 

What you are burying is the shell.  The body is the shell, but the soul lives on.  I am still with you.

My Grandfather - Matthew Sidney

11 years later and good to his word, he let me know, love truly never dies.  It's eternal.  I am now eternally grateful for those words.  They transformed my life and they will one day yours.

New Beginnings:

First Impressions:

It's fair to say that my journey into mediumship probably started before I ever consciously realised it. In the 90's when my sister went to see a medium, who told her she sure had "a gobby little sister...!" the teenage me would laugh and say, "What did you pay for that for? I could have told you that for free!" but seemingly that was when my sister knew the medium was legitimate. It opened a doorway of curiosity for me. These days evidential mediumship has come a long way and thankfully so too has my communication style! Though it is true, I do like to talk.

Evidential or Coincidental?

My journey into mediumship wasn't quite as straight forward as being influenced by other people's experiences though. While I remained curious and open minded throughout my teens and twenties, as I entered the early millennium and I was turning 33, I had an equally healthy scepticism and a strong logical mind.

When my grandfather died 11 years earlier, he was rumoured to have appeared to my grandmother the day of his funeral, to tell her not to worry, everything was going to be ok. What we were burying was just the shell and that the spirit lives on. I would question this but my sceptical mum who was also staying in the house at the time confirmed that she had heard talking in the neighbouring room, where only my grandmother was sleeping in the night and had experienced some things she couldn't easily explain. But he hadn't visited me or my sister, and so like that, the story became a bit of a family interest piece, with a beautiful healing sentiment attached and then faded away.

Fast forward 11 years to 2006 and that's when the coincidences would start to begin and my viewpoint would start to change. It started with just odd things happening, that would remind me of him. A book falling to the floor with his name on it, a wrong turning onto a street with his name, silly things I could write off at first as coincidences, then latterly accumulating into visions and dreams that were less easy to ignore. It was like watching a TV screen opening up in your mind and dreaming with your eyes open. The commercial world of the media, suggests to us that things like this, only happen to mad people and the officially insane but this I would come to discover, is not always the case. It actually happens to normal people, just like you and me, we just don't often share it or want to talk about it, in case we are considered different or strange. Perhaps, at best we might write it off as a coincidence, while the exceptional few, brought up more open-mindedly recognise it immediately to be real. Society doesn't really think that outside the box, when it comes to mystical things, our critical mind tends to get in the way.

In receipt of factual evidence:

Days later, with the frequency and urgency of the messages on the increase, I was now more than unsettled and my own health and wellbeing, started to be called into question, as I became more and more distracted and agitated by sounds and visions, I couldn't seem to turn off. With my 33rd birthday coming up, I made a call and decided enough was enough, I would either follow the line of enquiry to see what was revealed or go silently mad. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Worse case, we would discover nothing and then I would be deemed mad anyway. So I took a leap of faith and I set off, with my mind map in place, to travel to some familiar places and other places I had never been.

As I followed the messages, the madness subsided and tiredness naturally came, sleep returned to normal and to my amazement, my curiosity would be rewarded and I would discover that the information given to me through the visions would lead to something. My grandfather told me, it was rather like picking apples, "Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb, to get the best fruit from the tree" and funnily enough, I would discover that apple trees became somewhat of a theme, as I travelled towns and art galleries that I had never been to before, following my Grandfathers clues, I would obtain postcards and books, with images detailing the life of my grandfather's family, 3 generations back on the farm they had once owned. The first photo of the family on the farm, was followed by one of children climbing apple trees, photographs none of my family and I knew existed, even though we had lived in the area for a very long time. It really was harvest time for me.

Sprit is all inclusive.  It touches all:

My sister was not to be disappointed either. Fresh from researching a family tree, she was able to assist me with identifying the people on the photographs and placing their pictures alongside the names. Spirit are very inclusive and I felt sure that the creation of this family tree, was divinely timed. It was a real, ah, ha moment. I had always prayed, that if there was a spirit world I would hear from him one day. So, as my sister and I matched the names on the cards, to a family tree that she had only days before completed, a bemused smile started to grow on my face, as I thought, what a spectacular visit this was! In slight awe and shock, we matched the names on the postcards precisely and the dates of the photos, all seemed to check out against the births, marriages and dates of death we had on the chart. I was left with the dilemma, how could this be and what was really going on? Was Grandfather really with me, really with all of us? Why had it taken 11 years? What was happening to me and why now? It was a question I would hold onto for another 11 years, until I met Fred, a father, who had lost 3 children to a rare disease called Leigh's disease, who would be able to reveal some, if not all of the answers on 22nd May 2017. Sometimes, lives just collide for a reason and if spirit are involved, you can bet it is destined to be a spectacular encounter. The spirit world still have me in the palm of their hands, when it comes to wonder and awe. I hope and don't think this will never change.

A long journey to normality:

11 years on and with my grandfather quieting down into the background, I would go on to explore my new found opportunity. It took courage and time and it would go on in the background of my life. Initially I would research privately and intuitively and later I would seek out some of the leading mediums and healers in the UK for mentoring, tutoring and help. Being with like-minded inspirational people, really did help, because normalising things, neutralises any remaining fear and like that, I learnt how to manage this new exciting part of self effectively. I learnt to put my questions a side and simply enjoy this new vision for what it is, fun, uplifting, fascinating and at times magical and transforming, but most importantly, totally normal.

I really do believe I am not different, special or gifted in anyway, though I acknowledge that some people find it hard to explain and do express their awe in the spirit world and how they work, by describing it that way, sometimes. I really believe that this is simply part of the human condition and part of the evolution of our race, though why it activates in some and not others, I really can’t say. It’s really just like learning to read and write, it develops and becomes more automatic with time and it's not just in one of us, it's in all of us. So if you have lost a loved one, don’t be surprised if you too, start noticing the signs.

What I can tell you, is that having my best friend back in my life, was also a new found joy and comfort that is hard to explain. Thankfully with some friends and family on both sides of the veil to journey through the up's and down's of being a reluctant medium, I was able to move into a new modern space, that I have now come to thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes a little bit of crazy, can be a good thing. I know when I most needed it, a friend of mine would deliver a message to me from the other side to say "Remember how crazy I was! " and I did. It made me smile and made me want to keep that little bit of crazy safe because it was kind of special to me. Those words, gave me a lot of comfort.. Made it ok. He was after all always the happiest and most popular person in town!

The modern medium

Modern mediumship is really about embracing who we are and owning it. It's a new attitude. An acceptance that as humans, there is so much more to learn and know. We haven't even scratched the surface of what we are truly capable of. as we seek to explore and understand the magic of the human mind, brain, world and universe. It's about considering the possibility that energy does not die but that it does evolves and transforms and as it transforms, considering that perhaps the intelligence that remains, can find ways of communicating with us in various forms, if we are open to being receptive to it.

If we consider this method of communication to be art form, to be enjoyed and explored, it creates a space where we are free to explore endless opportunities and possibilities. It really is very interesting and something to be excited about.

When you realise that the connection is not broken, it expands your mind and rocks your world! Mine will never be the same again. And when you start to understand and enjoy that new connection, it can create a magic and wonder that is hard to describe. Once upon a time I wanted to believe that my Grandfather was right, perhaps, “The spirit really does live on and it is just the shell that we are burying. " and I followed the signs.  Then my consciousness began to shift, as it was touched by his love and my perspective evolved.   Today,  I know it does and that he's still with me.

Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon. Thank you for your time, on this continuous journey of self-discovery! Let's embrace the magic together and learn so much more.  Consciousness and the awakening of your soul is the greatest adventure you will ever be blessed to experience and it's available to us all.  I can honestly tell you, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me and when your soul is touched by that unconditional love.  You will come to know that too.

Love you.  Love Kat x