Feel free to message me here on my contact page or if your prefer, you can Facebook me on my Facebook page MEDIUM KAT B, where you can also read and find more reviews and find out what's events are coming up and i have got in store for you.  I am always on the explore....!  

To make an appointment via my website, just got to the contact page and complete the contact me sections, listing your contact details and times/dates that would be suitable for you.  (It's best to give me a few dates and time options and if your calling from abroad, the time zone your in.  Also useful to have the duration of time your looking for, one hour or two?  (I like to chat and the spirit world do to!!)  Then we can select the most appropriate time for both parties, based on availability.


Prices for private readings can be found on my contact page.   As many of you are aware however, I try actively to support my local churches and centres and I sporadically do Facebook lives and private online group dems, either for free or at discounted rates.  So you will find that there are a couple of options or avenues with me.  Accessibility is key.


Helping Parents Heal UK - I am also a member of the charity/non profit organisation that I voluntarily support, helping parents heal, for which I am the UK affiliate leader.  Membership of helping parents heal is free and available if you have lost a child.  The organisation offers a space for parents to share, that is positive, loving, compassionate and much more.  I sporadically do free demonstrations for them and in the wider team there are many healing resources, books, caring listeners on hand to help you through this challenging journey, regardless of the stage you find yourself at. True healing happens when you are ready.  The aim of the organisation is to give you a safe space, with like minded people, that enables you to find a way to heal.  

Since meeting Fred (See about me section) and his children in the spirit world, I have pledged to serve the children of the spirit world as a priority, so discounted rates apply to this group, if I can validate that you are a member.   I give my personal thanks and praise to Elizabeth and Mark daily, the cofounders for everything they do, making this a space and organisation available to you.


On confirmation of a date & time, duration, time zone and the method of connection, a booking confirmation, terms and conditions (stating the law in the UK) and paypal invoice will be sent to you.  On payment your booking is secure and complete.  The confirmation will include all the information that you need for the booking.


A Reading can be tailored to meet your greatest needs, in that it can either be a psychic reading which focuses on you and what is going on around you, or a mediumistic reading, which focuses on the reader interpreting information that they are given about your loved ones, that have passed on to spirit. The theory is that when we leave our bodies, our spirit and soul lives on. The reader, acting if you like, as a messenger, will then interpret the information that is filtered through their mind and senses, to the sitter. They will endeavour to provide evidence and validation listing details the sitter should be able to substantiate, in addition to delivering messages. The connection is a 3 way connection, mind/body/soul and between you/me and the spirit world.   it does rely on a level of feedback from the sitter. I always ask sitters not to feed me with information but to guide me by stating yes/no/don't know or maybe, when prompted. It's important to realise that as the information provided to the reader is filtered through their mind and senses on occasion, that communication is open to interpretation, so there is a level of feedback required to ensure that the the information provided has been interpreted correctly and that the connection made is a successful one.

With this in mind, i like to give my sitters a ten minute grace period. If after ten minutes either the sitter or the reader feel that the connection has not been successfully made or that the reader cannot read for you at this stage, the reading will be stopped and a full refund provided. You are free to try again after six months have passed.

My aim is to provide an authentic and uplifting experience experience but as every connection and experience is different, it can be reassuring to know that you have the option to change your mind after 10 minutes, if you wish to do so. I have never yet, had a reading stopped after 10 minutes but I always leave this option open, for i am sure that one day there will no doubt come a time.  A broader understanding, taken from my own experience is listed in the my story section for your reference.  You may find this useful to read, if your thinking of embarking and booking your first sitting with me.

And don't worry, there is nothing to be nervous about. I have read for many people, some of which were nervous the first time but when asked how they felt at the end of the reading, feedback that they were quite amazed by how much they had enjoyed the experience and would be open to doing it again. The aim is for you to enjoy it. I want you to have a great experience.


The reason people come for readings varies, they are very individual and i have never experienced the same type of reading twice, because they are tailored for you. What i can say, is that readings can be entertaining, they can be fun and uplifting, they can be very moving sometimes. For some people they will give closure and for others they will help them vision a different forward path, while others obtain clarity. The more open minded you go into a reading, the more you will get out of it but the reason why you go into a reading and what a reading can offer, can vary sometimes. I've had people coming to the table with one question but leave with information to many, they never thought they were going to discuss.


A good reader, will not offer information concerning, medical diagnosis, if they are not a medical general practitioner or qualified specialist. They will not inform you of forthcoming deaths and births or the gender of babies.

It is also important that you understand that all information provided is exactly that, information. Your life choices are your life choices and you are in charge of those choices. Everyone has options, i cannot predict the outcome of those options, i can merely pass on the information provided to me, in order for you to make the best informed choices. For that reason, i stear away from predictions and prefer to inform you about the options i can feel open to you, which may be only a few, of several coming your way. It is up to you, which decisions and choices you make and i cannot be held responsible for those choices.

Please understand that while i will endeavour to help you as best i can, this is an artist process, that offers information, in order to help you make your own, informed life choices. I cannot advise you in any which way, shape or form.


Being a psychic medium is really a very cool experience and if you are lucky enough to come across a good one, it can potentially change your view of how you perceive the world forever, broadening your perception of life. But if you have never come across one before, you are bound to have a number of questions.  A medium isn't gifted, talented or different, they are just a normal human being who has learnt to filter the information or consciousness that is assessable to all of us, through their senses.


A psychic is someone that can tune into you and discuss relevant aspects of your life, that are of interest to you at the present moment in time. Helping you to clear patterns of behaviour and identifying routes that could lead to your reach or fulfil a higher potential. The process is an intuitive based one, with the reader relaying and discussing the information that comes through.

Given its intuitive nature, it is important to stress that their role is to inform not to advise, leaving you to consider any information as you see fit. Any life choices to make, are your life choices and yours alone. A medium cannot tell you the future but they can sometimes inform you or give you pointers to help you reach opportunities that might be available to you and help you operate at your highest potential.


A medium is someone that will tune into the spirit world to provide evidence of life after life or mediate if you like between two worlds, or two world perceptions, aiming to validated loved ones and those connected to us that have passed from life by presenting evidence and factual information about them and what they see and know now.

The uk law details that mediumship is for entertainment purposes only and while the role is probably much boarder that that, it is worth investing time to find an experienced or qualified medium, who can deliver a good experience for you. Like sitting on a telephone, when the connection and medium is good, mediums can provide evidential information about a persons life and deliver valued messages to the sitter, with good intent, that expands and heals the soul.

Neither a psychic or medium can predict the future. They can sometimes sense options and give you an indication of pathways coming up that might be of potential benefit to you, but their role is mainly to inform and relay the information that is provided from the spirit world. How you interpret that information is up to you but recognise that mediums are human and any life choices should be based on your own facts and gut feeling. It’s important that you realise that your life choice are just that; your life choices. Always weight all relevant information up first.

I go to mediums generally when i am looking for guidance but normally because i am purely fascinated with life and sometimes having an independents viewpoint on our situation or life, can be useful, reassuring and relevant to helping you navigate your path. We are all ver different and all have different needs and expectations but the best advice i can give you is to go in with an open heart, receptive to information. If you have a nice experience, that experience benefits you greatly and can often stay in our thoughts and minds, months after the actual sitting has ended. I like to go sometimes just to be amazed and enjoy the experience and for nothing else, just because i am curious.


Uk law states that all psychic mediumship work must be advertised as for entertainment only.

Often it’s true role is broader than that but it’s important to go into the exchange with this vision and direction in mind.

How does it work?

When you sit in front of a psychic medium, you may hear them say things like…

I see….

I hear…

I feel…

I think…

As they try to perceive and describe the information they are exposed to and channelling. The information filters through their senses and they interpret what they experience to you the sitter. Sometimes this information can be misinterpreted, so it is important that you say no if you don’t recognise the information, so they can address and relook at the connection. They will normally ask you to say, yes, no, i don’t know, maybe in response to statements, as the sound and connection the voice can strengthen the link. It helps them to establish a good link.

What to expect?

A good demonstration of psychic or mediumship work, should be a comforting and uplifting experience, that helps either give closure, uplift ment or information. The objective should be to leave a sitter in a better place than when you met them but ultimately it's for both the sitter and the reader to have an enjoyable experience that is worth encountering again.

Stay open minded.  


guess that depends on the type of reading that your looking for and where the reading is held?  Here a few things of the top of my head?

Mediumship reading

Psychic reading

Trance reading

Soul reading

Inspirational writing or speaking

Or perhaps your contacting me about training, workshops, circles or one to one tuition, that's ok, just write down what your looking for and I will see what is available to offer you

Potential locations for readings:




Channelled writing

You can of course, include more than one technique within a reading, dependant on time.  It's your hour, so no reason, we can't mix it all up.


Mediumship, teaching mediumship & self connection & healing, though I also love inspirational speaking and writing too.  

Please don't come to me if you are looking for me to tell the future or predict how your life is going to fair.  I am a great believer in personal responsibility and the importance of you, making your own life choices.  While I will definitely reach out for inspiration and support, it is important that your life choices, remain with you.  I can not advice, I can only inform.

Come to me if......

If you want to explore the possibility of connecting with your loved one.

If you need closure, if you have things unsaid, if you want to reach out and say hello, or you just want to find out what this is all about.  Come to me if you are looking for inspiration from the spirit world.  

Better still, come just to spend time with them and have a cuppa tea and a natter.  What can be better than  spending time in the company of our loved ones, here or there.  It's really that simple.  Nothing whoo, whoo, nothing strange, just time with friends in a different element of space.


I try to tailor a reading to your greatest needs.  You are the client, it's your call, you tell me what you need.  My aim is to try to connect with your loved one(s) with compassion and love, so that together we can reach out to hear from them, converse with them and establish factual evidence and a three way connection between you, me and spirit.  My role is not to convince you or others that this exists.  If your loved ones are there, they will let you know, all I need to be is the vessel.  

Please note, that within a reading with me, you are free to ask questions of me and the spirit world.  As I said, I simply hold space for you and them and I work under the belief that if there is an intelligence out there that can be harnessed, it is a loving, beautiful force that comes in love, peace and hope, that will respond if it's able to do so. Please note that, that may or may not be in a reading with me.  I just give it a go.  If I can't do it, I will tell you so.

In terms of connecting, Mediums  (That's me and you, by the way: we all have the innate ability to connect.)  are also very human too and everything is a creative process.  The art of good mediumship, is really found in the not doing.  It's found in the surrendering to the nothingness.  It's about the ability to put our human conscious mind, the analytical part of us, aside, so that spirit can have free reign, the other is to create enough power to fuel the connection and to look at the intention behind the need.  Connections are always stronger I find, when there is healing to do.  So good mediumship also takes a level of dedication and is at the mercy of lots of other things.  Knowing what the restrictions are, helps to manage some of the expectations too but I will talk you through what I know, if relevant in the reading itself.

The art of good mediumship, is in the letting go, not in the retention of the information or the interpretation. It is a stepping outside of yourself, to let spirit in, to assist communication." At least that's what my guides tell me anyway!!    Sounds awfully posh, to a quirky true northern lass!!


 The worst thing that happens is that we can't make that connection together (Note the emphasis on team work, a 3 way connection),  then we either rearrange to try again another day or I refund you. Within my terms and conditions, I set out that within the first 10 minutes, if neither of us feel that we have established a chemistry, rapour and connection, then we are free to leave it there and a full refund is given.  If however, you choose to go beyond that ten minute timeframe, then I remain paid.  So, I try to work hard for all parties to try to make this work.

Mediumship isn't for everyone and that's also totally cool.  We were born unique and different and it is for you to decide what you make of all of this.  A reading is an exploration of the capabilities of the human mind, self and consciousness, it is just an opportunity, just a possibility.  My observations are that it is one with a great deal of power to transform and heal, but that's just my opinion.  You need to decide whether this is right for you and your circumstances.  

So I give you validations, your happy and we proceed, what happens next?

Once I have validated who I have and your happy to proceed, then we can begin.  At this stage your free to have a normal conversation with me, ask questions, I will send them up and we can see what we get back.  I just pledge to do my best, that's all I can do.  

My guides often tell me that, "What the eye doesn't see, the eye doesn't know."  What they mean by that, is that when I am working with my conscious mind, there are limitations and restrictions because they can only work with the vocabulary of my mind and if I don't have the reference point, they can work around it but not get the level of detail, you perhaps want and need.  That said, you would be surprised by what they can get through.


The ether, definitely has the ability to reach everyone, but occasionally for various reasons, there are occasions when you can't reach the person you hope, in the time and space we have put aside for the reading.  There are lots of reasons for this, but it's rarely because they are not here and can't be assessed.  Connection issues, are rare.   It's only happened a handful of times to me but I tell you this because it does happen from time to time.  Often I find if I rearrange  a reading a week later, or even if I try again later in the day, everything is fine.  Providing you have a love or family connection to that person, the chances are stacked towards us for a good connection.   The rest is as much about the health and energy of the medium, as it is the chemistry and feeling within the environment and room.  Just as in life, sometimes the chemistry just doesn't come through.   

Please be aware that I am not here to prove anything, I am purely an observer, here to hold space for you and your loved ones.  I am also here to explore with you the  depths of what spirit can do.  What I do know, is that when healing is present, the lengths they will go, is far beyond the boundaries of me and you.  I have seen things, that I at times have no answer for.  I am left in awe and fascinated by the spirit world.  That's the magic.  There is always more to ask, more to discover, more to explore.  (Trust me, it's a highly addictive study!!)


Be relaxed

Be patient

Be open minded

Set the intention that you want them to come through and help me channels the communication.


I find that the more relaxed we are and the less pressure we put on each other, the better the connection can be.  When it's good, it can amaze even me!!  So beware, I get animated and deeply into this process too!!

It's important you want to receive.  If you block a reading consciously or unconsciously, spirit will respect that too.  Spirit always respects free will and your privacy, so if you're not ready, they won't go there and if you don't want me to know something, they either won't share it or will tell you it in a way that I won't know what they are talking about but you will have more of a clue.

Don't be surprised if I ask for their name or the relationship of the person you want to hear from.  Please note, that to my knowledge, there does need to be a love connection to the person that you want to hear from, so don't expect me to bring Michael Jackson through, unless you know him...!!  Super, uber cool though that would be.

It's team work all the way.  I am not here to convince you, purely hold the space for you and spirit to get through.  That's all I do, is create the environment and the opportunity to harness whatever they give me.  


Is connecting in to the psyche or energy of the person you are working with, for the purpose of looking objectively at what has happened, what is currently happening and relevant to them and the potential outcomes.  It is a tool of reflections and provides information that could be of benefit to the sitter and their life.


A soul to soul connection that looks at what the soul wants to experience, why and the barriers that are holding it back.  It's is really a realisation of the desires of the consciousness within a person, it's journey and what it wants to understand and explore.  It can also be a spiritual aid in spiritual development.


Giving spirit free reign to be creative and say what ever they want, on a subject of their choosing, relevant to you at this point in time.  It's a tool used for inspiration and guidance, intuitively done for you.