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mission statement

"My mission is to help people gain deeper and greater connection with themselves. others and the divine, so that they can transcend grief. I want to help modernise mediumship, so that it is brought into the light and viewed as the valuable healing tool that it really is, providing people with evidence that we are so much more than our physical bodies and that we can tap into the loving consciousness that is all around us, our soul and our spirit, to lead more fulfilling and happier intuitive lives, full of purpose and presence."
Medium Kat B

Latest News


The 2024 Transcending Grief retreat is nearly ready to launch.  Last years retreat was such an amazing success that lots of people have already put their names down to rejoin Paige and I again.  Of course, we said, hell, yeah!  We all had such a good time. The 2024 retreat will be in Chester, Connecticut, USA and there is plenty of room, if you want to come and join in all the fun.  For more details, join the Transcending Grief facebook page and put your name on the below early bird information waiting list now.  We can’t wait to join you there.  

Book of the month


I met Mark Ireland in 2016, after this father in spirit, directed me to contact him.  We later became firm friends and I went on to enjoy his company and books equally. In this book, Mark presents detailed accounts of experiments conducted to obtain evidence for the survival of consciousness after death, including his own test involving a secret message left behind by his late sister. Ireland presents a deep dive into psychic-medium phenomena, spirit visitations, afterlife communication, reincarnation, synchronicity, and near-death experiences, pointing to the survival of consciousness after bodily death. 

THE Navigator

Kat is also mentioned in Cindy Bohart’s book The Navigator, another inspirational story of hope, that is well worth a read.  Tune in to find out what Cindy had to say about Kat’s incredible reading with her ex husband Andy Bohart on Suzanne Giesemann’s podcast, Messages of Hope.

kat Baillie

Spirit Medium

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Upcoming Events

I am Soul Retreat

June 19-23, 2024

I am Healing Retreat

June 16-19, 2024

London Experience

August 2024

Kat B...

What's not to love...

Why Book A Reading With Kat B?

A credible and reputable medium, Kat has been vetted by Bob Olsen and certified and blind tested by Mark Ireland to ensure her standards are high and independently verified for your benefit of her clients. She is also a certified resource provider and the former UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, a non profit organisation that helps bereaved parents, which she still helps and supports on a voluntary basis to this day.

With over 180 5 Star Reviews Medium Kat B she comes highly recommended by celebrities and members of the public alike.

She is a loving and caring individual who uses here knowledge and experience to help clients transcend grief and liberate themselves from limitations. A pure channel for spirit, she loves to support Spirit in their work, enabling them to give closure, heal, shift perspectives, teach and inspire.

She is also happy to teach you how to connect directly yourself, believing connection can benefit everyone, not just those wanting to be potential future mediums, but business executives and the public alike. It’s great to be connected.


Mark Ireland Certified - Blind tested

Helping Parents Heal Certified Provider

Over 180 5 Star Reviews online

Vetted & Listed in Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory

What others are saying

She gets the true essence of their personality
Kat B is amazing and one of the most gifted Mediums I know. She has such a sweet soul and always gives a lot of evidence and validations. She gets the true essence of my Son's personality. It is like having a conversation with my son again. Priceless. I recommend Kat B, very, very highly.
She is a life saver and she gave evidence he was alive
Kat saved our lives, it's as simple as that! We contacted her in the hope that she could give us a sign that our son, Zach was ok and she did so much more than that. She proved to us that he is alive and well by giving the most amazing reading. A reading from a great medium is life changing and reading from a poor medium can be devastating.
She is the greatest source of comfort, compassion and hope
Kat has been the greatest source of comfort, compassion and hope through the good times and bad since I first met her in 2018. She cares about people so, so much and generously uses her amazing gifts to help everyone around her heal. I consider her a friend for life and wholeheartedly trust her with my nearest and dearest, who I've sent her way time and time again.

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