Medium Kat B

Making Connections Possible

Spirit Medium | Mystic | Healer | Teacher | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Cuppa & Chat


talk in a friendly and informal way.

“she chatted to her mother on the phone every day”


Cuppa & Chat


an informal conversation.

“he dropped in for a chat”

kat understands that finding your spiritual pathway isn’t easy. sometimes you just need to process your thoughts and feelings and talk to someone that understands and can help you discern what is going on with you spiritually. kat offers cuppa & chat consultations so you can share with her your experience and gain her advice and thoughts. maybe she can help direct you to resources, courses, information or inspire you with enthusiasm and inspirational.

Kat b is an international Uk Spirit Medium, Healer, Clinical hypnotherapist and teacher and she has lots of interesting things to share. she’s fun to chat to and has lots of ideas, inspiration and thoughts…

come and find out where to start….start here with a cuppa & a chat. Pow wow time

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