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This is my space to get creative.  Whether it's throwing a mood board together, a blog post, spirit art and drawings.  This is a creative space where anything goes.  

Everyone can get creative.  You just have a vision or tap into that creative spirit that connects you to the source energy, which inspires.  

Have fun, being inspired and then have a go yourself.

Struggling - I can teach you how to manifest, vision and to channel writing.  Contact me now for lessons.


Fighting the tide. Surrendering to love.

Sit still. Just be. Do not move but notice what moves and stirs within you. That is your soul, your emotion, your frequency, your heartbeat, that is yours to own and work with at will. What is outside that space, is the universe. Trust that within that universe you were perfectly placed. There are no mistakes in life. Good or bad, all is creation.

But let me talk about love. Love has no pathway. Love needs none. Love has no name but it receives many and comes dressed in many guises. It will wear a suit for you, if you give it a name but really it is naked of all outfits. It is dressed and undressed, just like the human body. It has a great sense of humour and it moves in a form that some understand and others find mysterious.

You may know love as a frequency, an intention, a feeling, a resonance, an encounter. You can move towards it, be in it, walk away from it, push it back or surrender to it, diving right into that love. It can pool out of you, into you, surround you. Love can instruct things you cannot see or even dream about, it can influence, control, release, reject, detract, convince, as easily as it ebbs, flows and overflows to fill spaces but one thing about love you must know, is that it is an intelligent power, it has an intelligence that is beyond the understanding of any man, spirit, being, life force and that the wisdom in which it moves, which at times makes no sense, makes perfect sense. Sometimes the things that don't make sense, make perfect sense, when they are viewed from a higher perspective. Try to give that some thought.

There is power in words. There is equal power in silence but only love can tell you, which dance is needed on any particular day. Try ballet dancing to rap music or rapping the lyrics of the most romantic of love songs and you will see the entertainment, love has, with creation. It designs a thread of light into the world to illuminate all.

Try not to fight the tide. Have courage. Trust that those around you are there to teach you something. Trust that every soul, has a purpose. You might not know that purpose or see it now, you do not need to act, you just need to observe and move, as love instructs you and you do that by listening to your heart, in the present moment. You cannot plan, you cannot pre determine destiny, you can only have the courage of conversation and dialect with that internal voice of love, within the moment, through the heart.

The good fight is not the fight of one soul but the power of a living force that connects all souls. You are all loved. You are all connected to love. You all have the power to love, be loved and act upon love. You are never alone, for even in the darkest of times, love is waiting patiently to bring to your awareness, a new way of seeing the world. Times means nothing to love. It does not envy or need time, it understands that love will connect and make the connection at will, at the perfect time. Nothing needs changing. You are whole. Love is whole. It is nothing and yet it is everything. Love does not blame. Love does not judge. Love needs no limitations and no boundaries, even when you may need some. It is here to help within your own framework, until the time comes that you are ready to surrender and move to a higher perspective of love and that love, that divine intention, requires your soul to surrender to love and to skip to it's tune, merrily. Watch out for angels. They are not always gods messengers but the holders of truth. They come to tell you, that only love is real.

Have fun exploring and experiencing love this week. Know that even if there are no physical means to attain the level of love that you need, in spirit, love is in abundance and overflowing and there is enough to go around. So tap into that love and let it flow towards you. Open your heart to receive love and love will not show you the way, it will help you to know it. Know it in every depth and cavity of your soul, your being, your light.

Love deeply my friend. Sending you lots of love and kind thoughts this day and the next.

Channelled by Kat from spirit, with love x Much gratitude in my heart. Love to you.

The wisdom of the rose

Spirit asked me to pull an affirmation card and it read:

"I truly believe in myself and my ability to turn dreams into reality." They then wrote....

We all have the potential to turn our dreams into reality but the truth is that when the belief in ourselves waivers, it limits our ability to see, trust and follow that intuitive thought. A sea of doubt, forms a barrier in the mind and we find that we cannot fulfil, our true potential. We self sabotage ourselves.

This is often the case too with those that want to connect to spirit, or loved ones in spirit. They believe they can't connect , that spirit won't want to connect and therefore they surrender to the idea that it can or will never happen. So the thought, creates the reality. I can't connect, so I won't connect, so I don't connect. This is turn, lowers the vibration, making it harder to sustain a connection. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy or a catch 22, a vicious cycle.

If this is where you find yourself today. Stop. Pause. Disarm yourself of that lethal weapon, your thoughts. Bring yourself into the present, breathe, choose a still point in front of you, perhaps an object that you like and focus on that object, notice the detail of that object, the texture of that object, colour, size, attributes of that object but keep focusing on it and notice as you do that if any thoughts or ideas drift into your mind. Even if it is just a colour, an emotion, a feeling, welcome it. It's a happy distraction, a break in the cycle. Write down or record on a voice recorder what you are thinking. No one else needs to see it. You don't need to share it.

If you don't want to use an object, choose a beautiful quote, a positive affirmation card, a picture, a photo, an amazing artwork, a colour, a number, a piece of music, a crystal, it can just about be anything you want, that can become a still point or focal point for connection with loved ones and spirit.

When you meditate in the present or focus your attention on that object or creative piece, notice what thought, impression, experience, feeling, idea, comes to mind. Write it down, say it out loud, describe it, and then as you express that thought, impression, idea notice if any other thoughts form. Often on thought, can lead to a series of thoughts, notice the train of thoughts, that stream of consciousness and care little about what it means, just follow the flow. If you get just one thought or word, take that word, thought and explore what that means in the context of spirituality by researching that idea on the internet, in a book, on a podcast and feel what resonates with you and what you are drawn to.

Remember that you are all unique individuals, connection doesn't have to be hard, or difficult, it all starts with a simple act of surrender, courage, exploration and a line of innocent inquiry. What would happen if I let my mind play with an idea, thought, inspirations...

100 people can sit in the same red room. Every one of the 100 people present will feel different about sitting in that red room. Some will feel comfort, some joy, some love, some frustration but everyone will feel something. Some will analyse why they are sitting in a red room, some will be indifferent, some won't care one way or the other. Several will explore ideas, some will form associations about the colour red and what this experience means to them, reminds them of, some will evaluate the experience, others will not, some will switch off and fall asleep, others will struggle to sit still and contemplate anything at all. Some may even see the red room as yellow, green or blue, dependant on their state of mind or their ability to transform ideas and experiences within the imagination. A few might think about the last thought they had about red, the last object they saw that was red, what they had for dinner, the time their favourite flavour contained an ingredient that was red, another might think of the number of red cars they have owned or driven. Red to one person could mean bright and cheerful, hot and fiery to another, loving and passionate to another and yet all are looking at the same shade of red, in the same red room, albeit potentially from different angels. Our history, our energy, our vibration colours and filters everything we experience.

We are all different, unique and special.

Remember, today, we started with one affirmation...

"I truly believe in myself and my ability to turn dreams into reality."

and then we inspired thoughts and words to flow through the mediums mind. All she had to do, was type them. Connection is really that easy, when you surrender and move beyond the power of thoughts and delve deeper into the mind. You just have to lay thoughts, judgements and the analytics of the logical, rational mind, aside for a little while, while you play.

We will never let you fall, we will always give you something, even if it's just a giant and huge meditate on that smile, remember the best smile you ever received, how it made you feel and hold that energy into your psyche and mind. Now, multiply it by 1000 and you will have the power that I am beaming at you right now. Have you ever even thought about how the colour red, makes you feel?

My love, is like a red, red rose....!

Spirit love you and we want you to know that you can harness your imagination and make your heart smile anytime you want to. Connection is really that easy, just let the ideas flow. We never desert you and we are always here, listening, waiting for the moment you want to interact, to play, to connect, to share that love and joy again.

Sending you lots of love.

Love Kat B xx (Channelled for spirit by Kat B for you today).

Putting threats behind you....

So often in life, we don't see the dangers that are right behind us or looming. We are swimming ahead, just getting on with the day to day stuff, concentrating on our daily affairs, that we miss the big picture stuff. Thoughts bubble up but we don't have time to pay attention to them or action them, because if we do, we will break with that comfortable routine. Here in the water, under the surface, ducking those waves, feels like a good thing but we don't realise, we are out there on our own, in our mind, living life in a solo bubble of attention, disconnected, unaware of what is happening or around us. At times likes these, we need to ground our energy, just like the Eagle grounds and rests, after taking flight.

How different would life be if we took 10 - 20 mins a day to meditate and reflect upon things or to give ourselves time to think, to breathe, allowed ourselves breathing space. Perhaps our thoughts, would tell us to go deeper, though the threat would still be there, the deeper waters would keep us safe, free up space in the mind.

How many of us are swimming through life, without noticing the bigger expanse of consciousness all around us? Intuitive thoughts bubbles up but we don't pay attention to them. Threats are there but we don't see them, feel them, notice them and so we don't have the time to plan, strategise, instead we just react.

React, Re-Act. To re act something is, to repeat something, to do something more than once, to expel more energy. What if you listened more, did less. How much more energy would you have?

Rest. Sometimes taking a break, surrendering to that cold and flu virus, that cough, that cold, it's a good thing, as it gives you time to evaluate what is important in life, reprioritise and to consider the pace that you were going through life. Were you noticing everything that was going on around you? are you aware of them now?

Just like the pandemic has enabled many of us to re evaluate what is important, these pauses of sickness, illness, transitions of loved ones, these pauses that are forced upon us by life, they create pauses, spaces, gaps, a new landscape to explore, they generate shifts in awareness, moments of reevaluation, escape from the normal landscape of life. They take us to new depths and present us with new ideals, new virtues and new values. Often, they give us the opportunity to observe things, the things we hadn't noticed.

Take a few minutes to re evaluate what is important to you, to schedule in time to play, have fun, rest, recover and take time with friends, family and/or yourself. Create those gaps that are going to give birth to new ideas, new adventures, new resolutions in your life. It's time to start catching up, reconnecting, re engaging with the things we once thought were lost to us. To keep those looming threats forever behind us by taking different action today. Go deeper into your psyche.

We need to look after our environment too. The people, the animals the sea life and all living things. We breathe the same air, swim in the same oceans, we are all connected but we have forgotten that connection. It's time to refocus, reevaluate and relook at what is important all around us. What can you do today, to make a positive change? One that will help the planet and the life force that moves around it, upon it and through it.

Pledge to do one thing that creates a change today. Pick up some litter, surrender to that cold and flu virus, take care of yourself, take care of the planet, your pets, your animals, your plants, each other, so that we can all move through life, eliminating some of those threats and putting danger behind us. The sea, is a living thing and that sea, needs support, love, help and encouragement. It's wisdom is powerless, unless you take the time to listen to it. Take time to change, reprioritise, listen, add value to your life and nature.

Out of all difficult challenges, out of adversity, comes strength, courage, experience and knowledge. Nothing is lost, at least not truly, that is the story the illusion that we tell ourselves but that perspective disarms us, disempowers us, as we all have the ability to affect lives and create change. Magnificent change. Feel our waves, our energy enveloping around you, look for that higher perspective, listen to those bubbles of wisdom that are bubbling up inside you.

Popping bubbles, blowing bubbles, playing with bubbles, it's a fun thing to do. Have fun today, listen to the depths of your sea, the changing tides and elements that interface with these.

Surrendering to the sea, is not easy but there is a definite benefit to moving through the ebbs and flows of its waves. Suddenly you reach new shores, with less effort, you gain more energy, enjoy life more.

What would your perfect day look like? How much time would you spend with friends, family and yourself? Now compare to your standard day and notice what steps do you need to take to evolve your life into the perfect of days. The future is in your hands. Pausing, surrendering to think, reflect, It's that easy.

A new life, a new adventure, it's a thought away but you have to pause, to reflect on that thought and what it is truly telling you. The sound of the oceanic breathe, is the most calming sound for the ears. Listen to it. Listen to your intuition. Behold your breathe, instead of being breathless. Breathe more.

For everyone fighting the tides, recovering from illness, I send you my love and gratitude this week for being in this space with me.

Sending you lots of love today.

Love Kat x

You are loved.  More precious than you will ever know

The only one certainty in life is that we are loved. Beyond all things, all experiences we are loved. The power of unconditional love flows through all things. If we knew this, soaked it in and realised the truth in these words, we would not need courage. Every worry would dissolve, certain issues would resolve.

If we connect to this incredible power, we start to truly understand the grand plan. Those that are connected to the higher power will always feel love, when they trust, have faith and belief, they will never travel alone and they will realise that no matter what happens in life, their true purpose is to be loved and to love.

You can go on journey's of self discovery. You can experience anything you want but once you realised that love is at the heart of everything, the complicated becomes stupidly simple.

Simplify your life today. Make things easy on yourself. Evolve your mind set. You got this....!

If you are looking for a greater connection to that unconditional love and all things, join my mentorship course and start your own investigation. You don't need to take my word for it, you can experience its magnificence for yourself.

Love Kat x

Connected threads of energy - illuminated

We are always together. Connected with fine threads of energy. You can't always see that my energy is there, reaching out, feeling for yours. Like the trellis's of a jellyfish's threads, we are entangled together. Eternally tied, like a magical mysterious bride and groom. Illuminated with love.

If I reach out into your space and I place an object in your wake, you are able to focus on it and reflect back my light. Let me be that object of reflection. Let me never be kept far from your sight. Allow me to be that illuminated being, so mystical and yet so present on which you can reflect, so I can linger here longer, held in the focus of your mind, present in more than just memories.

We are still connected. Eternally so, moving like jellyfish alongside each other, aware of each other, our connection and our separation and yet moving together, in two illuminated worlds. Eternally entwined.

Let my threads of energy forever reach out to yours. Let me radiate next to your light and admire this connection with awe. How magical it is, your very presence. We must never take this bond for granted but cherish it, as eternal souls.

When we reflect upon each other, we rise up and get stronger, we radiate more. Not one, more or one less, this power is mutual. I find I can swim to higher planes, when you focus you attention on me, and I on yours. The beauty of our twin souls, our illuminated lights, helps me understand better the connection between our two magical realms.

We are always connected. We are connected, even when you think I am not there. I am always watching. Protecting, feeling, reaching for you, sending you sunshine and moonlight beams, wanting you to know that I do care.

Please take care. Be gentle with your soul, for I feel every vibration that you feel, when I connect in to your world. I too, am a very sensitive soul and I hope that never changes, there is beauty in all sensitive and vulnerable things, so never try to shade it.

Sending you lots of love together. Try to think of your connection with all things today. There is a lot to learn from observing nature.

Sending you lots of love today.


Kat x

I am with you...

I am with you. Though at first glance it looks like we are two separate creatures, on closer inspection we notice that we are so deeply interlinked, woven into the tapestry of each other’s lives, seamlessly connected. Your head above the water, mine below. I will be your eyes, on one side of the water, you will be mine above. Yet neither of us can see one another, we have to feel our way and notice each other’s reflection in the water of life. Vibrant colours and imprints, mirroring one another.

Still your mind. Find peace. Take time to cultivate that closer connection. Everything is calm and well. The mists are rising from your mind and like mountains on a horizon, we rise up and come together, silhouetting the sky and one another. Though memories fade into the background of our minds, a mass expanse of consciousness opens up in front of us, vast, as it is wide. We can explore that landscape together. Swim in an ocean, alone, together, at peace. I imagine you there beside me, floating and drifting to my side and as you imagine me and feel my signal, my heart glows and like some mysterious navigation system, I find my consciousness drawn to yours, delivered to you, placed at your feet. Once there, two souls entwined by love, do meet.

You can find balance in the waters of the mind through standing still. Take time to be with me in the depth of your soul, for I am here, blending with you, ready to bring peace and harmony, restore balance. You don’t have to do this on your own. I will swim oceans to find you. Meet me at the horizon of your mind, where heaven and earth meet. The light there is golden.

Hidden below the surface are hot, bright highlights of colour. Seek out those highlights, so that they illuminate your world. Though hidden, they are there. Find peace this week. Look at the broader landscape and notice that is this dusky landscape of grey, is the beautiful softness of pink, with splashes of hot pink. Colour me pink. Be proud to be different.`

Channelled with Love Kat x

Meeting Challenges Head On.....

"If we treat the symptom of a problem but don’t address its cause, then in time the symptom can morph and reappear." Marianne Williamson

I would add that to that it can grow.

Here's what spirit had to say on the subject:

There is no time like the present to address concerns. Do not hide away, saving up worries for another day, address them now. Do not loose connection with others, by isolating yourself, in order not to face confronting your fears, experience your emotions and address your worries and concerns.

When you connect to the spirit within and you work for the greater good of the world, you will find that the hand of spirit finds you and helps you manage and tackle difficult situations. Friends and support will appear out of no where, divinely timed or placed within your path. All you have to do is be alert and aware of that guidance. Know that you are safe, protected and loved. Cherished.

It may seem counter intuitive to pay attention to uncomfortable situations but doing so can be liberating and set you free, from days, weeks, months of strife. The reward for tackling things immediately and head on, is peace of mind, leaving you with the ability to move on and giving the body ease. Sometimes you need to prioritise order, over keeping the peace. Clear the air, so that you can breathe freely.

When we feel uncomfortable, the body tenses, we experience headaches, muscle aches and emotions that can be challenging to overcome or manage. To get rid of this tension efficiently and immediately, we must allow ourselves to move forward and fix the problem and address the root cause of that tension. This will give us rest bite from the pain and suffering, that this difficult situation has caused. By keeping an open and loving heart, focused on the situation in hand, we can accept the inevitable and take charge of it, perhaps finding acceptance, knowing that this too will come to pass. This acceptance and tolerance, enables us to see the opportunity for growth and expansion, presented by the challenge. The lesson available to our life today. An opportunity to be victorious and rise above it. This in turn allows us to regain composure and assert a level of control and responsibility over the situation that we thought would be uncomfortable, to make it more tolerable.

To move through stress and tension today, sit a while with your discomfort or feelings and breathe into those feelings and emotions, allowing them to wash over you and come into full awareness. Experience them in a non judgmental way and relax. Notice the sensations and thoughts that arise in your awareness and take note of them, focusing on them and on the in breath. Let the breath help you release them. Breathe deeply if you need to, sigh that tension out. Do this until you feel balanced and when if feels comfortable, safe and good to do so and recognise the benefit of the breath release.

Ask in your mind, how can I address this challenge in a loving and supportive way. How can I bring compassion and tolerance to this situation and move beyond it? What is the right response for me and see what ebbs and flows into your awareness. What bright idea comes? Experience challenging emotions, in addition to comforting emotions is not a bad thing. Sometimes we need the stronger emotions, to clear the air and to restore peace. It's ok to express yourself, just try to do some in a loving, non aggressive way. Actively listen to your soul and know, you are going to be ok.

Remember, spirit and your loved ones are always listening but divine timing is always involved. Responses will float your way and watch how they come.

Sending you lots of love today as always.

Love to you.

Channelled by Kat B for you today x

FB Medium Kat B

Authentic You - Touching Your Deeper Reality Within

A series of inspirational spirit channellings and informational entries

Becoming your authentic self.

Transmission is not something that can be learnt. It is something that has to be experienced.   Something that is evolved for the very being of your consciousness.   You have to let go and be as fluid as the stream, flowing to the river, flowing to the sea.  Not like the tap, that switches that flow on and off the spiritual waters.

Being authentic, is to let go of ambition. To become the most powerful and magnificent version of self and to reach your full potential, you have to surrender to the universe inside of you, instead of pushing against the force and wisdom of the sea. Otherwise you will waste energy and always feel incomplete.
Dive into that ocean and surrender.

The water of life, will carry you safely downstream.

Trust, sweet trust.

Light seeds, signally change.

As the wind blows and shakes you, seeds like energy, flow from you. Lifting upwards. Like little parachutes they have propellers.

The heat of my love shines down on you and as it does, I see new ideas take birth in your mind and then drift on the breeze, as they start to flow from you.

You look radiant from where I am. I love to watch you shine, your energy, moving and taking form, as it reacts with the greater consciousness and mine. I love to think that each one of those seeds in your mind, is something I have helped birth or sow. That's why I radiate my light at you, so I can contribute, so that I can magnify your energy, expand the ideas that are birthing in your soul.

Imagine that I am the breeze and you are the seed, parachuting into my mind. Though you can't always feel my gentle caress, energy and touch, I am there, carrying you. Drift with me a while, still your mind. We maybe two different elements, interacting with one another but we are still holding space for one another. We can still love and admire one another, interact with each other.

Know that a seed never knows where the wind will take it. It never knows where it is going to travel to, what its destiny is. It never knows if it will travel on the breeze with other seeds or go it alone. It just knows that everything in nature is programmed to seed where ever it lands. A seed has to trust that where ever it is taken, it was supposed to go.

I might be invisible to you, but like the breeze to the seed, i am here. I breathe the breath of life, into your soul. Trust that inner voice. Set your dreams and thought forms free. Unburden yourself. Let those ideas and thoughts drift and travel.

Don't doubt yourself. Worry less. Just know that my love will carry you, just like the breath around the body. I will carry your hopes, your dreams, your thoughts, your ideas, with me and should other seeds fall next to yours, love will parachute in for them, to help shelter and break their fall, comforting them from the wild winds of time.

I see many dandelions. You can pick them all, one of them or any of them and make as many wishes as you like. I will run to catch them all. Make a wish, blow, then let that wish dance in front of you, let it go, where ever it needs to go.

Ideas will continue to unfold. You can focus on them. Let the winds of change blow through you. Let them collect and capture your vibration and help parachute you to new heights.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Consider a spring clean, a clear out. Let the air into your house, let that air flow through your belongings, let everything breathe. Empty those cupboards and your lungs, clear boxes from the shed and obstacles in your path, invigorate your surroundings with energy. Shake out the sheets, remake the beds, freshen up and get ready for new challenges. Sometimes you have to let go of things and work at your own pace.

But all new beginnings start with the seeds of hope, an idea, a fresh idea. Maybe it is time to shake things up, to let those new ideas out into the light of day. Maybe it is time to bring more optimism into your life, perhaps it's time to make changes. Paint the walls, clear out the cellar, empty the shed, start a fresh, knowing that the space you create for yourself, will give you the space to breathe and when you breathe freely, you will connect with me greater power, a higher energy will start moving through your soul.

Sending you lots of love today. To fresh starts, new beginnings. Let your ideas parachute into the universe and take birth in the universal mind. Stay free and easy and float on the breeze. Let love carry you to safety.

Love Kat x

There are no words....  

"There are no words that we can say to you, that will make you feel better. Even saying to someone in the deep stages of grief, that we are still here, will never be enough to replace the physical presence that they miss and often it is at these times that we find ourselves alone, feeling helpless. Alone in our shared grief, for we are grieving the loss of our loved one, who is lost to grief, while they grieve the physical presence of the person that they love and loved. Numb. Still. Silent. They need time to disconnect and process things and in that great void, no words, can resonate, stir or speak, for to do so, would be to give disrespect to that moment, their soul needs to feel. Peace is in the silence. Let them go there. Let them go there in peace. They need to reach the deepest space within their soul, so that part of them can travel beyond the physical plane, to where their loved ones soul goes, so that they can accompany and find them and to do that they need time alone, whether thats alone with their thoughts, their memories or their physical being. To be alone, is sometimes to honour that grief, to love so very deeply.

We can give our respects though and as a nation griefs the loss of a leader, a man of service, we suddenly see the man, behind the media image that few of us actually knew, the grandfather, the father, the consort, the conservationist, the environmentalist, the king of the queens heart and we see and honour the years of service that he gave and the work he did to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet. Everyone is human and death, sadly touches us all. It does not discriminate. It knows not how. So let us honour that and set our differences aside this week, as we send compassion to the Queen, her family, his friends, his spirit and his soul. Let us honour him, with our love for every contribution to a nation, to a planet, is a contribution to us all.

It's at moments like these when feeling, is more important than words. Where words are inadequate. Emotion can travel further, reach the places, words can not go. That is how the energy of love and compassion can flow. They are sent from the soul, as they move through the heart, into our eyes, so that we can see the world differently, view life more compassionately.

To look someone directly into the eye, with the energy of compassion and love and do nothing but to share and be present in this moment is to impart a great gift of gratitude. It opens up a porthole for peace and provides the grieving with a holding space.

Of course, we can lay down flowers and share beauty through beautiful gifts, deliver random acts of kindness, we can say prayers, send loving thoughts, to gift them with our love, to remember them and to honour their loved one or loved ones. When we are truly 100% present for their grief, we respect their love and we say nothing. We let them lead and we follow. It's good to honour and respect what their soul is going through. To be kind.

Let me ask you to do this....

Close your eyes.

Remember a time when someone honoured you or shared with you compassion. Bring that memory into your mind. What did it look like? How did it feel?

Now bring that resonance and energy into your heart and then move it up through your mind with intention to behind your eyes.

Now look out of your eyes, with this loving compassion.

Project that compassion through your eyes to the one who needs to be honoured, held, noted, remembered, loved and cherished. Salute them with every aspect of your soul and give thanks for their presence within this world.

The pain, you see, is beyond words. Pain is about feeling. It's an emotion and it needs to be acknowledged with emotion and feeling but only our soul can transcend and carry that grief and pain, host it, for it is more expansive than words. Your soul can hold someone in loving harmony. Resonate with that vibration of pain and meet it on the battleground in silence, acknowledging the truth, that no battle is ever over. Transitions are like a temporary ceasefire. Pauses between the ebb and flow of life.

What you lovingly send out from your soul, I promise you, will reach places far beyond the physical plane. There are many stages, many platforms but your soul can dance on all platforms at the same time. There are no words that will be able to carry the magnitude and resonance of your soul but their are good vibrations.

Send good vibrations out to the world this week. Send compassion and see it expanding to every living creature, being and plant within this world and then expand that compassion to everything. Let those vibrations cover the world, the universe, the galaxy. Let that compassion travel so far, it reaches me.

Sending you lots of love this week and sending out loving thoughts also to the Royal Family.

Though I never met Prince Philip, once on a trip to Edinburgh, I got to stand in a line up and greet him and the queen. She loved beautiful in cobalt blue. I will have to dig out those photos and share them with you. It was a charming weekend and a lovely magical experience.

Love from spirit and Kat x

One step at a time - the importance of solid foundations

Today we are bombarded with knowledge. Too much can actually get in the way of the evolution of the spirit because we no longer feel our way and use our intuition. We start to depend on the facts presented to us by others, instead of looking deeper within for that inner guidance, that inner resolve. We need some space to breathe, think, dream and reflect on idea. Is what we are told really true? Does this resonate with me? Is there a kinder alternative way?

In spirit we like to keep it stupidly simple, we understand the power of thought and directing them and therefore we prefer to guide you to what you need, as opposed to just reaching for what you want. We are asking the question, what would be the benefit of this for this individual and others? We don't expect you to do everything at once. We like to guide the way one step at a time. Methodically, with a level of order. We understand how one things influences and affects another. That's not to say that we don't admire diversity and that we don't want to build a greater understanding of all things but we are happy for this to be done over time, preferring to use knowledge to compliment your intuition, the action after the inspiration.

Time is not very important to us. The quality of your life, your human needs, your spiritual needs, sometimes need space to breathe. The right tutor can help you bi pass the fodder and get you to the information you need, faster, so that you focus on the right things. The right things for you, which might be different to the needs of your neighbour. Try not to look to others for confirmation but to yourself. What does your heart say? Where does your heart want to lead you? Not your head. Not what other people say. What do you believe? and does it resonate with you today. Sit on things and reflect for a while. There is more knowledge in the reflections than anything else and your own waters are deep. In the depths of your mind, is the knowledge that you need and are seeking, if you take the time to assess it and look.

Try not to over ride your senses with too much information, otherwise you will not be wise and be able to see or discern the wood from the tree. There is a benefit to understanding all the aspects of a project. The tree, its deep roots, its bark, its inner workings, the branches off the tree, the leaves, take time to reach for the sun. Trees branch out slowly. They reach for the sun and light, once they have grown solid foundations. They are wise and understand that there is much life, insects and things to study under the surface and that animals that share their space, need time in their company too. We all have friends and family that need our attention too. Do not misunderstand academic knowledge, for spiritual knowledge for that is always birthed from within. It comes through the soul, from the spirit.

Growth should be a natural process. A tree did not grow into the beauty in one day, it grew strong, after weathering many storms and over time, it learns how to move with the breeze, captivate audiences, entertain hosts and just sometimes be. Be the tree, that sits in the soil, firmly grounded and rooted but paying attention to the vibration of the planet and maturing through time, to a certain kind of elegance. Survival takes time.

There is a certain kind of beauty to a tree that has weathered many storms, replanted itself on firmer ground, found its true calling and foundation. That knows that the spirit within, is more important that the sensory stimuli without. Externally, things can look amazing but look deeper at the inner beauty of someone and you see who cultivated kindness, love, compassion, values of honour to self before extending them out to others. You can see the integrity and beauty of someone. It is not on the surface, the website, the social media account, it is on the depth that their soul will go, to be moved and stirred by the waters within them.

Stir your waters, but reflect on what truly matters within your life. You might just find, it's not the things that you running after today, so you need to seek the knowledge within in, to understand where your own evolution could lead you tomorrow.

Food for thought. What obstacles to true growth are happening for you today? See if you can go inside yourself, fine tune yourself, to listen to your inner advice, on what to do next.

Sending you lots of love today. May your week be filled with blessings. Be kind to yourself. Do not over think things. Give your mind, body and soul ease. Ease through life and you will have a better quality of life.

Why do you think yogi's and buddha's wanted to live simply? When they carry less, their souls are free to move quickly and easily. Think about that today. What could you drop, to make light lighter. If you could wander where your soul truly wanted to wander, where might that be?

All good trees, need to see the light of day.

Blessings - spirit.

Channelled with love by Kat - Have a good week today.

Love Kat x