2018 Update!

March 15, 2018

Spring 2018

Well Hello, Spring and welcome Easter, my first as a vegetarian! One month in and it’s going ok so far!

Spring 2018 Update – Find your inner Shiva…!

So Spring is here and there’s lots of great things to talk about. In Feb 2018, I had the chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, in India. After a quick break in Mumbai, we flew into Goa for Chaya Yoga Retreats, at “From the Heart” Yoga retreat. This yoga retreat run by Lucy Hill and Aquila Rose really took well-being to a whole new level, as we opened up the heart chakra and explored everything from self-love, meditation, healing self, nutrition, breath work and unconditional love. Extra fun was had after hours at the source, where dancing under the banyan tree’s took place from dusk to dawn and there were lots of beach treats, gorgeous food, lovely drinks and great massage treats, revitalizing and reenergizing everyone. Finish with Crystal Craig’s crystal sale and then you know you’re going home over the weight limit..! That’s unless you split your luggage, which I did!

Maha Shivarati, the Indian festival celebrating Shiva was a special highlight with chanting, dancing and great live music, as the energy peaked! In fact, it’s where I found my own voice, as spirit gave me a special insight into sound healing with a difference! (Time to learn some Shiva mantra’s, I think!)

Checkout Chaya Yoga Retreats at www.chayayogaretreats.com and www.inspirationalbreathing.com for more information.

The Truth About Cancer – Join the Facebook site and watch online

As my own mother-in-law battles with Colon Cancer, I started researching into natural cures and prevention alternatives. My friend Niaby forwarded me on face book the full 9 episodes of The Truth about Cancer and it’s had me absolutely hooked ever since. Ty Bollinger hosts the show, travelling the globe interviewing doctors, nutritionists and holistic health experts. If you haven’t watched this amazing piece of journalism, watch it now. It will no doubt have you reviewing your health regime, like it has me. The good news is that Mother Earth provided us with everything we need to heal. So if you want to join the essential oil revolution, order your DoTerra Frankincense now. Call me for more details and qualify for up to 10-20% discounts on oils, by becoming a wholesale member.

New events added…

The Easter period is going to be a really busy one, with new dates added into the event calendar to support charity events. Looking forward to supporting my fellow healing hearts colleagues with an evening of mediumship on May 1st at Bulphan, Essex. I will be also visiting my home town in Yorkshire to host a fun week of private demonstrations with friends old and new. There are still a few 121 reading slots available, for anyone who wants one, so just drop me a line or let Kerry Parker know on facebook, if you would like a slot.

As we move towards summer, teaching workshops recommence and Autumn features my first experimental evenings of trance. So it’s all go, go, go….!

Have a great spring guys…! Let’s hope the sunshine is one the way…!


Kat Bx

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Let’s speak again soon…!