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"Mediumship is an expansion of the senses"

"When you reconnect with the universe, you are really remembering something that was forgotten, not recovering something that was lost or that never existed.  You are tuning into your own primitive nature and the natural intuitive instincts and impulses that exist within each and everyone of us. You are learning more about yourself.  Expanding your awareness, senses and consciousness.   Connection is not about about looking for something outside of yourself, it's not about an extra sensory experience, it's about fine tuning and expanding the senses that you have already got, so that you can observe more in order to help you make better more effective choicess and to access deeper levels of understanding, knowledge and healing " 

                                                                                                                  Medium Kat B

Journey of self discovery

'What i try to do in readings and when I am teaching is to illustrate the intelligence of the spirit world.   My aim is to get to a position, where the information is flowing that the personality comes through and we get the essence of that person, their mannerisms and their gestures.  I want to enter into dialogue with them, enter into a conversation.  Of course I love evidential facts but some of my favourite moments, have actually been relaying in jokes and the banter that takes place within relationships and families. The boy who always put his tongue in his cheek and his mother told him off for it, who proves he can still do it from the spirit world and laughs knowingly that it is going to wind her up.   The daughter that jokes that her father has an awfully big glass of red wine behind the laptop and complains about someone going to the toilet, in her slot.  Or the grandma, who laughs as she shares with the room, how the sitter, "Only came to fill the numbers, because this stuff is a load of xxxx anyway," and then she walks her through with actions that have taken place in her life that day, with sit com style humour and exaggerated mannerisms, as her granddaughter jaw hits the floor.  These are the moments I will cherish and I love, because they are so real, so tangible to me. You simply can't make them up.  These are the precious moments that bring a smile to the sitters face and your own face.  I feel very blessed to have been a witness to these opportunities."
"I am not saying that the factual stuff, doesn't amaze me, telling someone they will get to meet a former president face to face and even laughing when you saying it and hearing the words coming out of your mouth, because you know that that is a very big ask,  only for them to receive a face time call an hour later, is definitely up there in my, wow, wow, wow moments, that rocked my world.  You see I love to be amazed too but not all readings are like that.  Some are just beautiful conversations about the more mundane things in life. " 
"Mediumship is really a journey of self discovery.  When you set out on that journey, you have no idea where it is  going to lead, your just curious about where it will take you.  There are so many different landscapes to explore. "
"All i ask is that you remain open minded and try to consider that your loved ones are learning too.  They sometimes need time to adjust, to understand, how to operate the machinery of mediumship too.  It's a three way conversation, you, me and the spirit world but with practice and patience, you get to see them at their best and that can be very humbling. "

"Your best mediumship, often comes when you surrender fully to the spirit world, because you're relaxed and you feel comfortable, like I do in trance.  You are like a blank canvas, on which spirit can imprint upon.  That's why I encourage patience in both direct connection and with mediumship.  It's a journey. Some journey's are direct.  Some have a few stops on the way but we all get there, eventually. "


Private readings can be conducted online from the comfort of your own home
Mediumship/Psychic reading
Soul reading
 1 hour - £65  

2 hours - £100

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Kat is available for group bookings and events.  These include online group demonstrations, platform demonstrations, house parties, private events.  She has also participated in a number of  podcast interviews, conferences and media events.

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Kat runs an online development circle on Mondays at 7.30pm - 9pm.  To inquire about a place, please inquire here.

For forthcoming events & workshops, please see here Facebook page Medium Kat B

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Kat is a Clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in Emotional Issues and Past Life Regression.  
1 hour hypnotherapy  - £65
2 hour hypnotherapy - £100
1 hour Past LIfe Regression - £75

2 hour Past Life Regression - £150

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Kat is a CBT Psychotherapist who specialises in emotional blocks and grief management.

1 hour session  - £65

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Kat is a Reiki Master and employs ancient sound healing techniques for well being.
Reiki healing - £50 an hour
Sacred sound healing session - £65 an hour

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